How To Make Money From A Blog – Nothing But The Truth

Before I go ahead & get started I’m going to throw it out there that you’re not going to like this post… Well, you will & you won’t but either way it’s a very important post read if you’re looking to make money from blogging.

You’ve probably seen a whole load of blogs online where the owners claim they’re making tens of thousands each month right? I seen them too, and that was the original reason I set a blog up – I wanted to get some of that for myself.

They make it seem that by setting up a blog up, writing a few posts each week & monetizing with affiliate links that you can make a fortune. Lot’s of people, just like me get drawn in and end up setting up their own blogs to try it out for themselves.

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But then days pass…. nothing…. weeks pass…. nothing… months pass….. still nothing!

You’ve done everything, you’ve wrote a whole load of posts, been active on social media & placed affiliate links & ads all over the place, but nothings happening. Where’s that life changing money?

I did some digging and what I discovered will shock you

Here’s the truth about making money from blogging…

If you look at as a blog as a way to make money then you’re looking at it all wrong. Making money from a blog is a side effect, it should never be the main intention.

99% of blogs on the internet are used purely to drive traffic in order to generate leads, any money these blogs make is just an added bonus.

You’ll notice that most of these “guru bloggers” that make tens of thousands per month all have their own product or service, and that’s where their real money is. Their blog is just a “front” to generate sales into their backend business.

Go take a look for yourself, try and find me a guru blogger that isn’t somewhere promoting their own product or service. You can’t right?

But their income reports say….

Gahh you’ve fell for it, just like I did back when I set my first blog up. Let me explain the truth behind these “income reports”.

Most marketers will tell you that the “income reports” page on their site is the most popular page. I ran a trial for myself and added a link in the top navigation of this site entitled “income reports”, guess what – over the course of a week it received more visits than any other page on my site even though there was no content on there. Everyone wanted to see my income!

So what?

Well think about it, income reports are going to get people really interested. If they see you’re making a lot of money from your blog then chances are they’re going to subscribe to stay updated with how it progresses… Basically it’s got you a lead to which you can promote your backend business.

Now obviously a blog that earns $57 a month isn’t going to be too interesting, so my assumption is that a lot of these bloggers “tweak” their numbers to keep the readers engaged. Okay so there may be some who do really well from affiliate links etc but believe me it’s extremely rare. Take a look at this site for example, it received 8,644 visitors and made $0… Yep $0.

As you can see that sites really nicely put together, clearly a lot of effort has gone into it. Why would you waste all that effort only to earn $0?

The answer: You wouldn’t.

But, at least this guy’s honest – unlike many others out there. However what you’ll notice once again is in his sidebar he advertises “My Marketing Software” (not mine, his!). So whilst the blog itself earned $0 in July it’s probably generated a whole load of leads/customers for his business. That’s how blogging works – and that’s how blogging should be used!

Taking a fresh outlook to blogging.

Don’t let this post crush your hopes & dreams because there is a lot of money to be made through blogging, just not directly through the blogging part.

Before you even think about setting up your blog you need to focus on either creating your own product or finding a high ticket item that you can promote on the backend, something that pays residual commissions.

Residual commissions are absolutely key to succeeding in making money online, without a residual income you’re income is constantly at threat. Plus with a residual commission you’re making a one time effort for a recurring commission which basically allows you to make money on top of money on top of money…

Once you’ve either created a product that can provide you with a source of residual income or found one that you can promote then you can setup a blog & begin making some money… some BIG money.

Do I make money from this blog?

Nope, not a penny – in fact I’ve barely even bothered monetizing it. However, as we’ve just talked about I do have something on the backend. I offer 1 on 1 coaching to help people make money online & I’ve been pretty successful in doing that simply because I take a “cut the crap” approach.

People are over thinking things, re-inventing the wheel & that’s why they’re failing. The truth is making money online is an awful lot easier than you might think providing you don’t trip over half the BS there is out there.

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I'm Dale Rodgers, a former electrician that discovered how to make a full time income online. I've put this blog together to share what I've learned so that I can help others do the same. Read more about me here.

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