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​Everything is explained below so keep reading!

Hi I'm Dale & for around the past 5 years I've made a living working online. It's enabled me to travel the world, spend more time doing the things I enjoy & actually be able to live comfortably at the same time.

But the crazy thing is that I'm really nobody special - before all this I was just an average electrician working on the steelworks and to be honest back then I wasn't sure if it was even possible to make a real income online (let alone have any idea how to go about it).

So I've decided to put this page together to show you that YES IT IS POSSIBLE and to show you exactly what I do to make money online, how it all works & how YOU can do it too... 

But before I get started...

I want to make it absolutely clear that I'm not going to be selling anything to you - one of the best things about what I do is that ​you can get started without paying a dime.

Sound good?

Cool, in that case go ahead & take a quick look at the image below:

Affiliate Earnings

That's a screenshot of the money I've made this month through one of my online income streams - and I'm not showing you it to brag or boast - I'm simply showing you it to highlight what's possible with what I'm about to share with you.

​As you can see ​I've found out​ that the internet ​is ​VERY powerful when it comes to making money​ and I just know that ​if I can do it then you can definitely do it too.

​So do yourself a favor and read this ​page from start to finish because I'm going to ​outline EXACTLY how I made that money, including the training and resources I've used.

​​But keep in mind that ​I didn't start out making that kind of money...

​​I actually struggled for a while & lost a lot of money when I ​was first ​started out online because I kept getting ​sucked in by ​bogus systems ​promising easy-riches​...

You ​might have seen them - those types of things online that claim you can just sign up & make tons of money without really doing anything​... (which in reality is total BS)

Looking back it's obvious to see that they were scams but at the time they seemed legitimate to me because I had no experience about making money online & I didn't know how it worked. The creators of those systems were just taking advantage of that.

​Here's what I learned...

The simple truth is that making money online takes real work. All those get-rich-quick systems that promise otherwise are total rubbish & are only out to part you with your hard earned cash. Anything worth having in life takes effort to obtain.

So yes, what I'm showing you here takes work. If you understand that & you are willing to put in the effort then keep reading, if not then I don't really know what to say to you...

​Ready to ​make it happen?

If you're somebody that's willing​ to put in the effort required to get more out of your life by building a legitimate income online then I have good news for you...

Whether you're looking to...

because I'm going to use this guide to outline EXACTLY how I made that money, including the training and resources I've used.
    • ​Work Part-Time From Home
    • Build A Full-Time Income & Leave Your Job
    • Obtain Location Freedom By Working Remotely Online

...what I'm going to show you can help you achieve any of those things.

You see one of the best things about what I do is that it can literally be tailored to any kind of situation... so if you want to fit it around your current job & build an extra income you can do that, if you want to scale it up & take it full-time you can do that too... You choose!

So How Do I Make Money Online?

Let me stress again that you do not need ANY technical experience whatsoever - by the end of this page you'll see​ how even a total beginner can do exactly what I do.

I create small simple websites​ - then I get them listed in search engines like Google or Bing (which is free to do) & I make money when visitors come to my websites from these search engines & click on any of the advert​s that I've put on them.

If it's the first time you've heard about this then it might sound a little confusing & the part about building a website might ​sound scary but you just have to put your trust me when I say it's NOT - in a moment I'm going to show you ​​a free tool which actually makes this entire process very easy even if you've never done it before​...

So for now just trust me when I say you can do all this easily & free​ but before I show you how let me explain ​a bit more about those steps to give you a better understanding...

Step 1

The first thing you'll need to do is think of something that you're interested in as this is what your website will be about...

For example - maybe you love dogs & would like to create a website about dogs or you are ​interested in sports & would like to create a website about sports... the possibilities are endless you can make money from literally ANY interest.

​Don't worry if you're not sure yet because I'll help you think of something

Green Down Arrow
Step 2

​​​After that you'll build your free website but don't let the thought of that scare you because ​by the time you reach the end of this page you'll see that yes, even you, can create your own website within seconds (it really is very simple).

There are ZERO tech skills of any kind required!

​And I'm even going to show you how you can ​do it without paying a dime.

Green Down Arrow
Step 3

​Then once you have your website online you can get it ranked in search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing (which is free to do) & they'll send you UNLIMITED visitors whenever people search for things related to your website...

Example: If your website is about dogs & somebody is searching for dog related things your website will show up & if they click on it you have the potential to make money! It's totally free and the potential is absolutely unlimited.

Green Down Arrow
Step 4

The best part about this is that you don't even need to have your own products to sell - you can ​advertise other people's ​stuff & get paid ​for doing so.

Nearly all of the big companies like Amazon, Best Buy, Apple (even Lego) etc have programs through which you can promote their products for money.

So basically if somebody visits your website then clicks on a​n advert & ​buys something - YOU GET PAID! ...without even having to talk to anybody​.

4 Steps Overview

Let me give you an example...

    • You like dogs so you decide to choose dogs as your interest
    • You create a website about "dog health" (using the free simple tool I'm going to show you in a moment)
    • You get your website ranked in search engines like Google ​which means when people are searching for things related to "dog health" your website shows up & visitors start coming to your website
    • You ​advertise products related to dog health on your website (lot's can be found on Amazon alone) and you ​get paid commissions whenever any of the visitors to your website click on these ​adverts & buy something!

You can ​make money from ANY​ interest...

Whilst I chose "dog health" as the interest for the example above you can literally ​make money from anything you like - in fact you'd probably be quite surprised at some of the seemingly "not-so-interesting" interests people are actually making money off...

There's around 2 billion people online at any given time so if you're thinking of something but questioning whether you can actually make money with it the answer is likely YES!

And as you can see from the chart below the number of new internet users is set to continually rise over the coming years so there's a massive opportunity to reach all those brand new people who will searching for things in Google...

Internet Users Prediction Chart

​What Exactly Will You Be Doing​?

​Basically you will be creating content on your website that ​connects people with the information they are looking for online - so when they are using search engines your content will show up & you'll start getting visitors coming to your website for free.

​Then you ​get paid ​when any of those visitors click the adverts on your website.

But the important thing to note is that you do NOT need to be an expert on your chosen interest to be able to make money from this as you will see in a moment.

The possibility of a passive income...

One of the best things about this whole method is that you have the opportunity to get paid over & over again for each piece of content you create (even years ​later)...

That's because once you've created the content & it's been ranked by the search engines it's there to stay, meaning it'll keep ​bringing visitors & you'll keep making money.

so when they are using search engines they end up landing on your website because the content that you've created will show up in the search results.
Screenshot of Google Results

The website I've took a screenshot of above is still listed on the first page of Google's search results almost 5 years on - so from a one-time effort the creator of that website has been making money over & over again without doing any extra work...

​Ready To Get Started?

I'm sure you can see the potential with all this so no doubt you are eager to get started...

As I mentioned at the top of this page I personally struggled ​online ​for a while ​​prior to finding out ​how to do all this so you are fortunate today because I am going to show you how you can get started THE RIGHT WAY from the very beginning.

Hopefully this will save you time, money & frustration...

Basically you are going to need tools, a website, website hosting & training. All that stuff would usually cost you money if you were just to go out there & try and get it on your own but I am going to show you how you can get it all for free (without any catches)...

At Wealthy Affiliate you can get all of the training, tools & support you need (FREE)...

Wealthy Affiliate Classroom

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the few honest training programs out there that teaches you step-by-step how to do all of the things that I've covered on this page...

At WA you'll learn everything from choosing an interest, building a website, writing content, getting it ranked in Google, to making money... AND you'll get all the necessary tools you need as well - such as website builders, web hosting etc...

But the best part is that they offer an entirely free membership so you can literally get started without paying anything at all. You get free training, 2+ websites, web hosting, support (& more)... FREE!

And I'm not talking about some kind of free "trial" where you get charged if you forget to cancel - I'm talking about a completely free lifelong membership!

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A sneak-inside-peek at the training...

I personally believe Wealthy Affiliate provides the BEST training when it comes to building an online business and it's been specifically put together with beginners in mind.

In total there are 5 courses & each course has 10 lessons but everything is broken up into small bite-size chunks so that the information is easy to digest & easy to follow...

Below you can see a sneak peek at the lessons included inside Course 1...

Wealthy Affiliate Training Course 1

Most of the lessons come with both a video & a written guide so depending on how you feel you learn best you can choose to either watch or read the lessons.

Plus if you happen to get ​confused about anything there's a button you can click to ask a question & because the community is so active you'll usually get an answer ​straight away.

​Then there's the tools...

People often panic whenever I mention the bit about building a website but like I said earlier the tools at Wealthy Affiliate make this VERY easy (even if you've NEVER done it before)... I know you might still be skeptical so let me show you proof...

Below is a screenshot of the website builder tool...

Website Builder Tool

As you can see it really is a simple process - in fact there is only 4 steps and there is absolutely no technical knowledge needed whatsoever!

Choose the address for your website - choose a title - choose a theme, and hit BUILD!

You can literally have your own professional looking website live on the internet in under 30 seconds even if you've never done anything online before & that is no exaggeration.

On top of that Wealthy Affiliate also offers you an advanced Keyword Research tool which I won't touch on too much but it basically gives you the ability to rank in search engines for the things people are searching for... It's very powerful & helps you make more money!

​​And support is always on hand if you need it...

This is one of the main things that separates Wealthy Affiliate from ​any of the other training programs I've ever seen before online - the community inside is AMAZING!

There isn't a single moment when you are left to feel like you are alone because every second of the day there is always somebody there online ready to help you out...

All you need to do is ​pop a message into the live chat (shown below) and you can get​ answers to your questions ​straight away meaning no waiting around or feeling "stuck"...

Wealthy Affiliate Live Chat

There's even lot's of people who just hang out in the live chat to get to know each other - and many people have actually gone on to build "real-life" friendships outside of WA.

My Wealthy Affiliate Profile Page

​Plus I'm personally a member of Wealthy Affiliate too so I'm always around to help - you can see a screenshot of my own profile at WA above ^^

The cost...

Wealthy Affiliate offers 2 different levels of membership - there's the free Starter Membership which I've spoke about above but there's also a Premium Membership too.

To be honest I always recommend people go with the
Starter Membership first since it's literally zero-risk (and free). You don't need to enter any payment details, just a name & email address will get you in... (even though the Premium Membership is awesome)

You still get a lot included with the Starter Membership despite it being free such as...

  • 2 Free Websites + Web Hosting
  • Beginner Training Course
  • 10 Step By Step Lessons
  • Phase 1 of Bootcamp Training
  • 30 Searches per Month with the Keyword Research Tool
  • Access to 2 Training Classroms

And to be honest there's probably some extra stuff that I've totally forgotten about...

You can sign up for your free Membership at WA by clicking the button below...

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So that's the Starter Membership explained & that's definitely where I would recommend you do start out because it allows you to see first hand what it's all about with zero-risk.

Then if you like what you see & decide you are serious about it you can upgrade to Premium Membership at any time. This level of Membership gets you access to literally everything WA has to offer & there are NO additional upsells or anything after this. The total cost is $49/mo​nth OR $3​59 if you decide to pay yearly - that includes everything.

With Premium Membership you get a LOT - such as...

  • 50 Free Websites + Web Hosting
  • Unlimited Live Help
  • Access To All 5 Training Courses
  • Over 50 Lessons of Training
  • Access To All 13 Classrooms
  • All Phases of Bootcamp Training
  • Unlimited Use of The Keyword Tool
  • 1-on-1 Mentoring
  • Unlimited Tech Support
  • Website Security & Backups
  • + A Whole Bunch More But I Think You Get The Idea

Basically you get excellent value for money as elsewhere the web hosting & keyword tools alone could see you paying a lot more than $49/mo yet at Wealthy Affiliate you are provided with so much more on top of it such as first-class training & support...

Premium Membership is definitely worth it but I'm going to stick with what I said above & recommend that you ​g​o for the Starter Membership first - that way you can "try it out" and get a feel for how it all works​ without having to pay anything at all.

However if you already know you are serious about this & want to join Premium from the off then I am not going to stop you, you can sign up for Premium Membership here.

After you sign up...

After you click here to sign up & create your free account the first thing you should do is complete your profile. All you need to do is add a photo & write a short bio about yourself.

I know this might not sound very important but it actually is - Wealthy Affiliate is a community based training program & when people can see that you are a real person you will find that people will interact with you more & they will give you tips to succeed...

So sign up first - then upload an image & write a little bit about yourself.

Get excited! Your journey begins now!

Once you create your Starter Account you will have to access to all the training immediately meaning you can literally make a start on it right away (after filling out your profile).

So even if you're still a little unsure I'd definitely recommend you at least give it a try because you literally have nothing to lose - the Starter Account is totally zero-risk.

And I can vouch for the methods that Wealthy Affiliate teach because that is exactly how I generate my own income online - ​you might not become an internet millionaire overnight but providing you are willing to work at it you can definitely ​achieve great success.