Insider Legal Bot Review – Is It A Scam?

Legal Insider Bot

Welcome to my Insider Legal Bot Review. If you don’t know what this is it’s basically a fairly new binary trading app from a guy called Greg Marks. He’s come out & said that it’s totally different from all the other binary scams out there and that this one is more accurate. There’s different rumors circling the internet, some saying that it works whilst others saying it’s a scam so I’ve decided to check it out for myself. Firstly, I’d… Continue reading

7 Day Millionaire Review – Scam or Legit?

7 Day Millionaire

Welcome to my 7 Day Millionaire Review! Now you might actually be reading this & wondering what on earth 7 Day Millionaire is, well it’s a brand new product that’s just launched on ClickSure & it’s also got me very intrigued so I decided to check it out. Before I get started with this review I want to show you the system I personally use to generate over $200k per year, click here to see it. Now the 7 Day… Continue reading

SEO Tips & Tricks For Bloggers That Will Make You Rich


In this post I’m going to share with you some of my personal SEO tips & tricks that I’ve used to allow me to generate enough a full time income from the internet. By optimising your blog so that it positions well in search engines you’ll be able to drive a consistent truckload of traffic through to your site, and as you know more traffic = more money. Just a few small changes could send your posts rocketing right up… Continue reading

How To Become A Better Online Marketer

Online Marketing

This is a question I’m asked time & time again, “how can I become a better online marketer?“. The answers simple, you just need to strip down what marketing is. As you probably know if you’ve read my about me page I used to a former electrician and I’ve only been marketing a few years but during this time I’ve achieved a lot. Often this upsets marketers especially those who’ve been in the game quite a while. The truth is… Continue reading

How To Make Money From A Blog – Nothing But The Truth


Before I go ahead & get started I’m going to throw it out there that you’re not going to like this post… Well, you will & you won’t but either way it’s a very important post read if you’re looking to make money from blogging. You’ve probably seen a whole load of blogs online where the owners claim they’re making tens of thousands each month right? I seen them too, and that was the original reason I set a blog… Continue reading

What’s The Interest On 1 Million Pounds?

Million Pounds

“If you won a million you could live off the interest alone”…. ….sound familiar? Ever wondered just how true that statement actually is? Well I’ve decided to find out once and for all. Considering the bank of England’s interest rate is at a ridiculously low 0.5% you might be quite surprised to find out that the interest you’d get on a million at that rate would be just £5,000. Now don’t get me wrong, getting £5,000 a year for doing… Continue reading

How To Make Money With CPALead

CPAlead Homepage

CPALead is an awesome way to make money online. If you’re not familiar with CPAlead, basically they pay you for getting people to “do stuff” hence CPA which stands for cost-per-action. This could be anything from getting someone to sign up to something, complete a survey or install an application. The great thing about CPALead is that they offer both non-incentive & incentive offers. Generally with most advertising networks you cant offer visitors incentives for clicking your ads, and if… Continue reading

What Would You Do With 100 Million Pounds? (£100,000,000)

100 Million Pounds

I’m hoping to get some good interaction from this post, because I want to know what YOU personally would do if you had 100 million pounds so be sure to leave a comment and let me know. As you probably know I teach people to make money online, and with an internet business literally anything could happen overnight. Your website could go viral or it could hit the top of the search engines and your sales could blow up overnight…… Continue reading

How Can You Afford A Lamborghini Aventador?

Lamborghini Aventador

Ever since I was a kid I dreamed of one day owning a Lamborghini. At the moment I still don’t have one, I do have a Range Rover, but soon I’m planning on trading it in & finally buying myself a Lamborghini Aventador. When I tell people about my plans of buying a Lamborghini Aventador they often laugh, but when they realise I’m serious the first thing they say is “How on earth can you afford a Lamborghini Aventador!?“. Many… Continue reading

How Can You Afford To Be A Stay At Home Mom?

Stay At Home Mom

I teach people how they can bring in an income from the internet, and that’s something I’ve been doing successfully now for a couple of years. One of the most common questions I’m asked is “How can I afford to be a stay at home mom?”. Now before I go ahead & answer that question I just want to explain a little bit about who I am & my journey so far. When I left school I didn’t really know… Continue reading