60 Second Payouts Review – The TRUTH!

60 Second Payouts HomepageWelcome to my review of the 60 Second Payouts system which is the supposedly “free” system that claims it can allow us to get huge payouts in literally just 60 seconds of signing up. My first thoughts are that it’s highly unlikely to be possible, but since it’s generated some hype I’ve decided to look into it a little further and see what it’s all about.

The first big shock (not) is that this is a binary options system. The reason for my sarcasm there is because there seems to have been tonnes of these getting launched lately, I don’t know about you but it’s all my inbox seems to be full up of!

Despite their “popularity” I’ve actually yet to see any of these free binary systems work and so far I’ve literally looked into at least 50 or more systems. Not only do they not work, but the majority have actually resulted in people ending up with even less money than they originally started out with – so I’m here today to find out whether or not 60 Second Payouts is going to be any different & if it has anything new to bring to the table.

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I do want to mention though before I dive right in that I’m not a big fan of binary options in general to be honest. I’ve seen lot’s of people trading binary options and I’ve seen very few profit. At the end of the day binary options are really nothing more than a slightly educated gamble and there’s no way a person or a system can guarantee the direction of a trade. I know this from not only watching others, but also from my own personal experience – I learned the hard way & I lost an awful lot of money.

Regardless though if binary options is still the route you want to go down then that’s your choice, so I guess I best get back to this review & check this system out. Just take into account what I mentioned above – no system can guarantee the direction of a trade (it’s impossible!).

My initial thoughts.

The website itself follows a similar layout to that of the other free binary options systems that have come before it. Same old sales video trying to flog a dream, the low number of spots available trying to rush you through & the scrolling bar telling you how much money all the other users are apparently making. Oh and of course the typical annoying popups…

Annoying Popups

The video goes on to make an absolutely wild claim that this system will be able to generate you $8,324.35 in just 60 seconds. That’s insane, because think about it – that would be over 11 million dollars per day & well over 4 billion a year! That’s an outrageous claim, so straight from the off I’m extremely skeptical. He claims that the results are verified by a third party but I just can’t see this being true at all. If you can lie about the results then you can just as easily lie about the results being verified right? There’s no proof whatsoever that they are & no link to this so called third party to see the verification.

Other than that nothing really exciting goes on in the video, he just goes on to introduce himself as Todd Carter & tell the story about how he used to own a laundry business until some guy came up to him with a crazy “money app” blah blah…. Basically the same old spiel you get from all these types of systems.

I popped my name & email address in to find out what it was all about & see what was hiding behind the scenes.

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Inside the “members area”…

After entering my name & email I was taken to another page where I was told I’d need to register with their recommended broker. Interestingly though underneath this is what’s supposed to be a live feed of Todd’s recent trades. Now I doubt that this is actually real, but one thing you can see is that not all of the trades are won and actually quite a few are lost. On his personal feed they are scattered amongst the wins, but I don’t see what could stop you from hitting a row of losses? It’s like roulette, sometimes you get red sometimes you get black – but you’ll find it very hard to come out with a profit if you just keep betting on those because despite how certain it looks you always find you hit a row of losses.

I filled in the form on this page so that I could proceed to the system but to my disappointment there didn’t seem to be any system at all – instead I was simply redirected off to the Big Option broker website. Maybe this was a technical error of some sort I’m not sure? Or maybe they were just happy that they made a commission from me by getting me to sign up with a broker & now they don’t care…

Either way I’m not sure, but I’m disappointed.

To be honest I didn’t really have much hope for this system in the first place based on the previous experience I’ve had with other free systems like this. As I mentioned above I’ve looked at hundreds of other systems & they’ve resulted in nothing but people losing their money so I tend to recommend that people stay away from them. Still though I was looking forward to checking this one out to see if it had anything new to bring to the table (which I doubt it did) but instead there just doesn’t appear to be a system at all.


I’m not going to be recommending this system since there doesn’t even appear to be a system at all. After registering with the website I was simply redirected over to the Big Option broker website, I didn’t see any evidence of the system that was promised whatsoever. Maybe it’s a technical error but more likely they’re just trying to make commissions for getting you to sign up with the broker. I’m not sure, but either way based on my experience with it I’m certainly not going to be recommending it.

Aside from that I don’t really like these free binary options systems, or binary options at all for that matter. I’ve came across hundreds of systems & they’ve done nothing but part people from their money. My personal advice would be to steer clear of these types of systems that promise you instant push button riches from binary options trading because as I mentioned above in the binary options game nothing can be guaranteed.

If you happen to have already got started with this system before reading this review then I’d love to hear your thoughts, you can leave a comment below & let me know what you think. For those who haven’t yet got started with it I hope you enjoyed my review & I hope it helped you from parting with your cash!


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