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Photo of Me In Las Vegas PenthouseHey there! My name’s Dale Rodgers and I’m just your average 26 year old guy… Well, Kinda.

You see back in 2012 I quit my job as an electrician to pursue making money online instead – and surprisingly I’ve been quite successful. One of my biggest achievements to date is managing to make more in a single month online than what I would have made in an entire year back working in my job, something I once didn’t even think was possible.

Since then, (around 5 years on) you name it & I’ve tried it… It’s safe to say I’ve learned a LOT when it comes to making money online.

Which is the reason as to why I decided to start this blog…

I wanted to share my own personal journey into making money online & I also wanted to show other people how they too can leverage the internet to build themselves an extra income online along the way.

Believe it or not with the right help & guidance it’s not all that difficult. You don’t need to be a computer expert & these days with the introduction of smartphones you don’t actually even need a computer at all.

And unlike most other people online I’m not interested in trying to sell you an overly expensive silver-bullet system that claims to have the answer to overnight internet riches. My intention is to simply help you get started by pointing you in the direction of the things that work and steering you clear of the things that don’t.

Basically if you’re looking to build an income online then you’re in the right place – you’ll find literally everything you need to know right here on this website and here’s the best place for you to get started (that’s my #1 recommendation out of everything I’ve tried).

Working online has been completely life-changing, it’s given me more time to do the things I actually enjoy, more freedom to travel around the world & more flexibility to basically just live life on my terms. Here’s a short little video to give you insight of what my life looks like:

So How Did It All Start For Me?

I remember my parents first getting the internet installed in around the year 2001 or 2002 & I was completely fascinated by it, even despite it being the worlds slowest dial-up connection (which back then seemed lightning fast)… 56kb/s – woooaahhh boy! Not even a tenth of a megabyte per second.. LOL.

The funny thing is that the majority of the people reading this blog will probably have never even heard of dial-up internet, so if that’s you then firstly let me tell you that you are blessed to have been born into a world with broadband.

Basically dial-up internet was super slow, and you’d have to choose between the phone or the internet because you couldn’t even use both at the same time. Oh, and of course not to forget the noise it made when you tried to connect… (yes, please DO play the video below)

Those were the days when you also had to be SUPER careful online because one wrong move & your computer would dial a premium rate number which could have cost you hundreds of pounds per hour.

And needless to say lot’s of people got caught out by it… But despite that things weren’t all bad…

In fact things weren’t really bad at all – it was the internet, and it was amazing! It only seems bad when we look back because things have got so much better, but at the time, heck it was awesome. 😀

Now the reason I’ve started my story way back here is because our internet service provider (which was called Freeserve at the time) offered their customers a “free website builder” tool which I became particularly interested in, and it’s also what kind of spurred on my whole journey into making money online.

You see back then as a child I loved fishing and I was really excited by the concept of being able to build my own website where I could showcase my “best catches” & share my top tips, so that’s exactly what I did…

And if you are expecting that the website blew up & led me onto becoming an overnight millionaire, unfortunately you’re wrong… In fact I’ll be admit the first one to admit that the website sucked. 🙈

But it did do one thing, and that was spark up a passion…

I became really interested in learning how to build websites and with the help of various different resources online I managed to gradually become better at it, bit by bit…

So about a year or so later I took a stab at building another website and it actually become pretty popular…

But the problem was that due to it’s popularity it became a little bit expensive for a 13 year old to run & began eating into my pocket money so I decided to put it up for sale.

Almost instantly someone offered me around £150 for it, which as a 13 year old was like a million pounds…

Naturally I accepted their offer without hesitation.

I Had Made Money Online!

I had never set out with the intention of making money, but it happened – and it felt easy.

I was 13 years old and I’d made around £150 “in a day”… My family were shocked, my friends were shocked, and I’m not going to lie I was pretty shocked too. I’d made money “out of the PC”…

That small win was the small win that got me completely hooked.

I had witnessed first hand that it was possible and I felt that if I could do it once I could do it again so I began researching more & more into different ways that you could make money online.

Whilst I was still building websites I began trying my hand at everything else too, from paid surveys to buying & selling on eBay. Some methods worked well, others sucked – but it was all a learning curve.

Since I had picked up quite a lot of skills over the years (such as how to build websites) I even started freelancing too & offering out my services for a fee with the help of the website Freelancer.

I did this for a little while but I found that it was mainly small businesses hiring which meant they often wanted a LOT of work doing for very little money, and on top of that I got burned a few times by non-payers too. I stuck at it mainly to take on different challenges & gain experience but eventually I had enough.

Then I hit my big break in 2012 when I discovered affiliate marketing (and finally paid proper attention to it).

You see I’d actually came across it before but I had felt like it wasn’t for me.. oh how wrong I was! If I could go back in time & do anything then I would definitely go back & get involved in affiliate marketing sooner.

It Was The Game Changer

Whilst I had been able to make little bits of money from other things there’s no denying that affiliate marketing was the real game changer. After just a few short months from getting started I was earning more through affiliate marketing than I was working full-time as an electrician. It was pretty crazy, that’s for sure.

I ended up using my affiliate income to launch my own marketing company in 2014 as I felt I could use what I had learned during my time freelancing and “take it to the next level” by helping larger companies.

My company primarily focused on helped businesses with website design, branding & search engine optimization. It was pretty successful, and I was still running the affiliate operations in the background too.

But once again I was became faced with the same problems I had been faced with as a freelancer – only this time on a larger scale & so after a couple of years I decided to wind-down the company.

I switched my focus back onto affiliate marketing & things were going well until literally just a few months after closing the company when everything completely crashed. My affiliate business went kaput overnight.

This meant I was up the creek without a paddle… and I needed to do something, prompto!

I began looking for alternative opportunities and somehow I landed myself in the world of network marketing which was something that prior to this I’d never even heard of or knew existed.

I started with a company towards the end of 2014 & by early 2015 I was topping their leaderboards.

Now don’t get me wrong I had to put in a LOT of work to get there & I was quite proud of my achievements, but I’m not going to lie – I didn’t really enjoy the whole network marketing vibe so I left shortly after.

I learned a lot during my brief encounter with network marketing and I met a lot of great people too but ultimately I just used it as a stepping stone to get back into affiliate marketing (the real good stuff).

And So Here I Am Today…

Whilst I am still doing my own things online, these days I mainly enjoy writing about it & helping new people get started. I want to show people that it is possible, and I want to show them how they can do it.

And as mentioned at the start of this page I’m not some guy that’s just looking to flog you some silver-bullet system that promises you easy overnight riches. My aim here on this blog is to simply share the genuine methods & means that you can personally use to begin building yourself an extra income online.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s just been one long success story… Over the years I’ve also faced a LOT of failure, I’ve made a lot of mistakes & I’ve learned a lot of hard lessons.

So with that being said I also intend on using this blog as a platform to help people learn from my mistakes, and to show people how to go about doing things the right way, the first time around.

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