My Affiliate Insider Review – Scam System?

Welcome to my review of My Affiliate Insider. This is a new system that’s just recently launched & is being heavily promoted, so does that mean it has something to bring to the table & can this system actually make us some money? That’s exactly what I’m about to find out & share with you right now in my “I’m not an affiliate no BS review”.

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The website itself claims that the system is going to allow you to duplicate the creators success who reckons he made $139,820.98 in just 60 days, personally I think that’s just an absolutely outrageous claim. I’ve never seen such results in the whole time I’ve been online. I mean sure, a few thousand in your first couple of months is certainly realistic, but $139,820.98 well that’s just insane especially since this system makes out that there’s little to no effort required.

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The video doesn’t really give a great deal away, it starts out with a news clip talking about how many Americans are beginning to work from home which I guess they’re using as a tactic to try and get you to come round to the idea that it’s possible. I’m not going to argue with that, it’s certainly possible & I’ve been doing it for over the past 2 years but it sure does require work & I highly doubt this system is going to be the answer. The one thing that did grab my attention in the video though was the fact that he said he’s going to guarantee we make $100 in the next 48 hours (I’ll come back to that in a moment).

My Affiliate Insider

After that statement he goes on to show you some proof of the amount of money he’s making which he claims to be making from using the method he’s going to be sharing with you. The first account he shows you is actually a ClickSure account which has nothing to do with this system so the income from that is irrelevant, or at least kind of.

You see if you look at the bottom of the page you’ll notice there’s a link that says “Affiliates make money”:

Affiliates Make Money

If you click it you’ll be quite shocked at what you find. The owners of this system are actually paying people to promote it for them, so this leaves me with 2 questions:

  1. Why are they paying people to promote it? If it works it should promote itself right?
  2. Why are people promoting the system for a commission when you’re apparently able to earn $139,820.98 in 60 days by using the system? (answer: because it doesn’t work, clearly!)

So right from the off I’m almost 99% certain this system isn’t going to live up to the claims it promises on the homepage but regardless I’m interested to finding out what it’s actually all about so I’m going to continue on with the review.

Since there wasn’t a great deal more information on the homepage I was forced to enter my name & email in order to find out more about the system. After visiting the next page it quickly became clear just what this system was all about, what’s funny though was that the earlier claim of $100 in 48 hours now changed to to $150 in just 60 minutes:

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Affiliate Insider Members Area

So let’s just do some math, $150 multiplied by 24 (24 hours in a day) = $3,600… $3,600 multiplied 60 (the amount of days the creator claimed he made $139,820.98 in) = $216,000. So according to those figures we’d be making over $76,000 more than the creator of the system himself… I don’t think so!

The truth is that he concept behind this system is nothing new, in fact this system is probably no better than those “free” binary options systems that you see parting people with their hard earned cash day in day out.

In order to activate this system you’re told you’ll need to pay $29, but after clicking the link to “activate” you’ll quickly see that what you’ll actually be doing is simply purchasing web hosting for a recurring fee of $29.95 per month.

Web Hosting Order Form

So the idea is that when you pay for the web hosting the creator of the system will get a commission, but then he’ll give you a website which you can use to duplicate his strategy so that then you can go out there and sell web hosting for a commission too. That’s basically all you’ll be doing, there’s no magic here – you’re just selling web hosting for a commission & not just any web hosting, extremely expensive web hosting. Most companies provide the same level of web hosting as this company for around $5 or less per month, so you’ll find it very difficult to convince anybody to sign up when there are so many other companies offering exactly the same thing (if not better) for an awful lot cheaper price.

So whilst there is potential to make money using this system, you’re probably going to be extremely hard pushed to make enough sales to even cover the monthly $29.95 fee. It sounds good in theory, but in practice I just can’t see it working. In fact if you really want to make money from this system then you’re probably actually best just signing yourself up as an affiliate of it (for free) using the link I mentioned earlier on this post. That way you’ll have pretty much the same chance of making money and you’ll be doing pretty much the same thing only you’ll be avoiding the $29.95 monthly fee.

My Conclusion.

Whilst OK, there is some *slight* potential to make money with this system it’s going to be very unlikely that you find yourself able to do so. I think it would even be difficult for an experienced online marketer to sell such overpriced web hosting. Plus there’s no reason why you should be paying $29.95 to join a web hosting affiliate program when you can do so for free, you can read my guide here for more info on making money as a web hosting affiliate.

For those reasons I won’t be recommending this system and I’d highly suggest you keep your money rather than investing it into this program. The concept behind it is nothing new, I’ve seen several other similar systems launch & I didn’t see any success stories surface, only negative reviews from people who’d lost their money.

Thanks for reading and I’d love to hear your thoughts so if you could take a moment to leave a comment below then that would be much appreciated!

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