REAL Review of Amazon Sales Blueprint By Tai Lopez – Is It a Course Worth Buying?

Amazon Sales Blueprint By Tai Lopez ScreenshotLately there’s been a huge rise in the number of Amazon related money-making courses getting launched & it seems that Tai Lopez is now also jumping on the bandwagon himself as he too has just released his own course named Amazon Sales Blueprint & he’s offering people the ability to join his “quick start test group”…

The quick start test group will allegedly get to learn everything they need to know to start their own successful Amazon business & alongside that they’ll also be given access to some other additional bonuses too… But is Tai Lopez’s Amazon Sales Blueprint course worth it? Or is it just going to feel like a bit of a waste of money?

The good news is you’ve landed in exactly the right place to find out as I’ve personally taken a closer look into it myself to see exactly what it’s all about in this Amazon Sales Blueprint review I’ll be uncovering the REAL truth about what you’ll actually be getting access to (and whether or not it’ll truly help you make any money). 🙂

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What Exactly Is The Amazon Sales Blueprint Course?

In short the Amazon Sales Blueprint course is a course that has been designed to teach you how to make money by selling physical products via Amazon – and as mentioned above it’s been put together by the well known entrepreneur & socialite Tai Lopez.

But what I’ll stress right from the off is that the Amazon Sales Blueprint is NOT an affiliate marketing course, which is where rather than selling physical products (and having to deal with all the stress of doing that) you just connect people with the products they’re looking for & get paid commissions in return for doing so.

Here’s a visual of how affiliate marketing works that might make it a little easier to understand:

Affiliate Marketing Explained

I’ve got to say here that in my personal opinion I believe affiliate marketing to be much better than selling products because I feel it’s much more flexible & there’s a lot less to have to deal with, yet you can still earn the same (and even potentially MORE) with affiliate marketing.

Plus you can also get started with affiliate marketing for free at Wealthy Affiliate.

So yeah first things first I have to admit I was a little bit disappointed when I realized that Tai’s course was more geared towards actually selling products than promoting them as an affiliate – but I totally get it, some people are interested in doing that instead.

The question is, will Amazon Sales Blueprint help you do it?

Well my answer to that is kind of “yes & no”, because whilst Tai Lopez has a track record of putting out some pretty darn high quality content in his training programs, ultimately the Amazon Sales Blueprint priced at £29 is just a “cheap” product that only gives you access to some quick-start lessons.

Amazon Sales Blueprint Quick Start Lessons

In-depth Amazon training courses (like the Amazing Selling Machine course) cost thousands of dollars – so I think the “you get what you pay for” clause applies to the Amazon Sales Blueprint, but it’s good that Tai is honest about that.

Like I say though Tai Lopez has a pretty darn good track record in terms of putting quality content into his programs & if you check out any of my other reviews of his products like his Social Media Marketing Agency course or Knowledge Society you’ll see that for yourself.

And if you check out his net worth here you’ll see that at least you are actually learning from someone who has found success (unlike many of the other scammy Amazon courses I’ve come across lately that have absolutely no proof of their claims).

But what do you actually get on the inside? Well let’s take a look…

How Does The Amazon Sales Blueprint Work?

Well like I’ve already mentioned the Amazon Sales Blueprint course is primarily geared around becoming a seller on Amazon & selling physical products yourself – and Tai has broken down the process into 4 steps.

Those steps are as follows:

  • Identify & Research Product/Niche
  • Get The Product
  • Drive Visitors To Amazon Page
  • Build / Grow A Brand

So the first thing you’ll be shown is how to do niche research. This is a fundamental skill for finding proper success online & Tai goes into this on quite a good level of detail. He has actually even given out quite a lot of free content on his social media platforms regarding this recently as he’s been putting out some videos to get people a little hyped up ready for the launch of his Amazon Sales Blueprint course.

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In case you don’t known a niche is like a really targeted market – so for example an interest of yours might be “dogs”, but on its own this is pretty broad. By narrowing it down to something like “dog dental care” you can really home-in on a section of the market & build a super targeted audience which makes it much easier to find good success.

Obviously though picking a niche & coming up with ideas can be pretty difficult so the intention of the first portion of Tai’s course is to help you with that.

Then there’s the “Get The Product” side of things which essentially goes over sourcing products (and getting them for the lowest prices possible). After all if you’re going to be selling stuff then you’ll need to know where to actually source it from, this comes without saying.

Once you’ve got everything setup though & have your products listed on Amazon you can’t just expect to simply become an overnight millionaire as the work doesn’t stop there. Instead you have to actively work on promoting the product & driving visitors to your Amazon page in order to generate sales.

This is often one of the parts that people struggle with the most, but Tai’s course goes over it quite well. The good thing about Amazon though is that they have a lot of internal traffic (visitors) as well so once you start making sales & getting reviews your product will make its way up the Amazon product listings & eventually you’ll be able to step back from driving traffic yourself as Amazon will eventually do it for you.

Then once you’ve nailed the formula for picking a niche & getting your products bumped up through the Amazon ranks its all about scaling & moving into new niches & listing more products which is what’s covered in the final stage of Tai Lopez’s course.

Is Amazon Sales Blueprint a Scam?

As much as I don’t like associating legitimate courses with the word scam, I appreciate that when it comes to “making money online” the word scam is something that often pops up in the back of people’s minds when looking into courses like this…

The reason for that is because truth be told there are a LOT of scams in the “make money online” space and I should know because I’ve exposed literally hundreds of them right here on my blog

But what I can tell you is that the Amazon Sales Blueprint is NOT a scam – and Tai Lopez is NOT a scammer either (despite what the trolls on YouTube might claim!).

Obviously his course is not going to make you rich overnight & heck it might not even make you any money at all if you don’t put in the work, but if you do follow it through then it could certainly lead to you owning a successful online Amazon business for sure.

So yeah, I just wanted to clear that up – but now I think it’s time for…

My Verdict – Is Amazon Sales Blueprint Worth It?

Thumbs DownWell yes & no – I mean sure there’s definitely some great material in the course & for the price of just £29 I guess you can’t really fall off for what you get… But personally I just don’t believe selling is the best way to make money with Amazon.

I much prefer affiliate marketing & the reason I say that is because like I mentioned at the start of this review I feel it’s much more flexible & there’s just so much less stuff to deal with. For example if you’re selling you have to deal with customer support, refunds, product listings, sourcing products etc… Whereas with affiliate marketing you literally just connect people with other people’s products & get paid commissions in return… No hassle to deal with – the sellers are left to deal with all that.

You can check out my free guide on starting with affiliate marketing here

Also when it comes to selling products it’s much harder to quickly change niches, so if your niche starts to not do so great you’d have to source new products in a new niche, list them all again etc & try to get rid of any remaining products you’re left with from the old niche… But with affiliate marketing you could just stop promoting one niche one day & start promoting a new one the next.

And like I said you can get started with affiliate marketing for free over at Wealthy Affiliate so you can try it out & heck if you don’t succeed you might not have gained anything but similarly you haven’t lost anything either.

But if you’re really dead set on selling products yourself then the Amazon Sales Blueprint will definitely give you a good insight into how it’s done & like I say for the low price it’s being sold for you can’t really fall off… So I guess it’s just up to you to decide which route you feel is best for you. 🙂

All in all though hopefully my review here has given you a better insight into how the course actually works & what you’ll learn. If you do happen to have any further questions though or any comments you’d like to add then don’t hesitate to leave them below & I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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