Auto Money App Review – Don’t Be Fooled By The Hype

Welcome to my review of the Auto Money App system which has been *allegedly* created by a guy named Daniel Rosenburg. Over the past few days this system has generated a lot of buzz & I’ve decided to check it out for myself to see what it’s all about and most importantly whether or not it actually works.

I ran a quick search for other reviews on the system but the majority seem to have been written by affiliates who are promoting it so they’re bound to be biased. You’ll be glad to hear that I’m not an affiliate of this system so what you’ll be reading here is a 100% honest “outsiders” review.

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What’s it all about?

The video on the website goes on to explain that the Auto Money App is a binary options system that’s been created by a so-called boy genius named Daniel Rosenburg. He has supposedly come up with a piece of software that can guarantee profits on binary option trades, and allegedly released it “for free”.

If you’ve previously traded binary options then you’ll probably be extremely wary when it comes to “free” binary options systems, they’ve developed an extremely bad reputation. In fact I’ve came across literally hundreds of these systems & I’ve yet to see a single person make a profit – so far all I’ve seen is people losing their money.

Since Auto Money App has created such a huge buzz I’ve decided to give it the benefit of the doubt & check it out, though I’m not remaining hopeful. I’ve came across quite a few “free” binary options systems in the past which looked promising but turned out to be just as naff as the rest.

Wondering why I keep putting the word “free” in quotes?

The reason I keep doing that is because these systems technically aren’t free, at least not by my definition anyway. Basically after entering your email address you’ll be told that in order to gain access to the system you’ll need to make a deposit of around at least $250 with the broker that they recommend.

If you don’t deposit with their recommended broker then you won’t be able to use the system so personally I don’t like to call them free systems. Sure, if it works then you’ll get your money back but as I said above out of literally hundreds I’ve yet to see a single one work.

Basically when you make a deposit with the broker that the system recommends the creator gets paid a commission. This means that usually these systems are just full of fake promises to try and entice you to make a deposit so that the creators can earn a big fat commission. Of course you’re only left to find out that the system doesn’t work after you’ve made a deposit, leaving you out of pocket & probably a bit red faced.

So is this system any different?

In all honesty, it doesn’t look like it. This system sames to follow the exact same structure as all of the other so-called free binary options systems that have came before it. The bold claims, the fake counters & the annoying popup that keeps appearing every time you go to close the page.

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  • LIE #1: The video makes itself out to be a recording of a news story but after conducting my own research it’s not real, and neither is the story about Daniel Rosenburg.
  • LIE #2: The video claimed “290912 CURRENT VIEWERS” as I was watching it but after refreshing the page this dropped back down to around 1,000 (the same happened each time I refreshed – it’s a bogus counter).
  • LIE #3: The homepage states “No Credit Card Required” yet after entering my email I was told I’d need to make a deposit of at least $250 in order to gain access to the system.

& here’s the biggie…

This system has affiliates promoting it, so think about this for a second. If this system worked as promised then why on earth would affiliates waste time & effort promoting it for a measly commission when they could sign up and earn thousands overnight as the system claims?

Answer: Because it doesn’t work!

Don’t fall for the hype.

This system is nothing but hype, and it’s no different to any of the other systems that came before it. If you decide to deposit funds to try this system out then be warned that the chances are you’re going to lose them.

Don’t believe any guarantee about being able to withdraw the funds you deposit. These systems often claim you can withdraw at any time but then when it comes to it the brokers usually make it extremely difficult. Basically whatever you deposit, be prepared to lose it.

Obviously my advice is not to deposit, but I know that some of you reading this will still probably go against my advice so I just want to make it clear what you’ll be setting yourself up for. If you need the money, don’t do it – if you have disposable income, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Have you used this system?

Some of you might be reading this review after making a deposit & trying this system out. If so then I’d really appreciate it if you could take a minute to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below this post. It’ll not only help me, but it’ll also help others who are also considering doing the same thing.

If you can, please provide as much detail about your experience as possible. How much you deposited, what happened with your funds, how useful you found support etc…

Lastly I just want to say that I hope you enjoyed reading my review & most importantly I hope it helped you from parting with your cash!

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I'm Dale Rodgers, a former electrician that discovered how to make a full time income online. I've put this blog together to share what I've learned so that I can help others do the same. Read more about me here.

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