Please, backlinking is soooo last year (no… seriously)

The phrase “backlinking is dead” is one that’s popped up all over the web recently and it’s also a phrase that’s quickly shot down by other SEO’ers. The truth is that the people who come out and say backlinking is dead tend to be the ones building bad backlinks & not seeing any improvements, or worse, seeing negative movements.

Whilst backlinks are not dead, backlinking has certainly seen it’s days.

The trouble is that now that building a quality backlinking campaign has become so much harder it takes up so much more time & effort. When we now have social networks like Facebook, Twitter & Google+ people are beginning to realise that it’s much easier to instead simply produce better content, put it in front of an audience & generate real backlinks from readers along with the added benefit of the social traffic.

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By spending time on your backlinking your spending less time on updating your website which means your basically building a lot of links to a low quality site, a plan that certainly isn’t going to be future proof. No matter how organic you try and make your links look, they will never match that of a truly organic backlinking profile.

Don’t get me wrong, by no means are backlinks dead – these are, and always will a power influence towards your ranking. Backlinks are never, ever going to die, they are what the web is made up of and they are what tell Google that a page has been “recommended”. Where previously backlinks may have been a main factor within Google’s algorithms they admittedly may now play a smaller role with the web moving more socially inclined, but without doubt they will always remain as an important metric.

So the moral of the story here is that if you’re still out there wasting time generating backlinks to your own website, stop. Instead focus this time on improving your website, getting your content seen & let the readers do the backlinking for you. It’s much more rewarding to see that other people are linking to your website and it also provides a much more solid long term plan.

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