Binary Millionaire Review – Another Scam?

Welcome to my Binary Millionaire review! Another system making bold claims by saying that it can help you become a millionaire, but is there any truth behind the claims or is it just another scam? Let’s find out!

Binary Millionaire

Firstly, I highly doubt the system is going to make you a millionaire – it might make you money, but probably not a million. I just hate it when systems come out with ridiculously bold claims like this. I think if the system was making people millionaires so easily then you’d be hearing about the news, not on my blog.

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Regardless, let’s see if you can make any money with the system at all – maybe not a million but something is better than nothing right?

Well first off the website looks pretty sweet, but the one thing I don’t like is that it uses a bit of scare tactic to get you in by saying “The First 30 Get In”. I don’t really like websites that try and rush you from reading the page because it makes it seem like they have something to hide, so let’s find out whether they do or not.

My Thoughts…

To be honest it hasn’t really impressed me – it just seems to be a clone of pretty much every other binary system that’s come before it and doesn’t seem to bring anything new to the table. Certainly nothing new enough to turn you into a millionaire. I’ve actually no idea who the creator of this system is because the website gives no mention – it just shows you “the team”.

I find it weird when systems don’t let you know who the creator is because usually this is the main selling point. If a system has a good creator that’s done well then they’ll tell you, but if the creator is a nobody then chances are they’ll hide it. I’m not saying that’s the case here but it’s always nice to know who’s behind the system, that way you can make a better decision as to how good it’s probably going to be.

The sign up process is pretty lame, in fact once you enter your email address you’re just forwarded onto the broker – nothing special, nothing new. The broker it forwards you on to is titantrade which isn’t really that much of a well known broker but no doubt they’ll be paying massive commissions to the owner of Binary Millionaire for all of their referrals. That’s basically all this website is, nothing new, nothing exciting, just somebody that’s making a quick buck from referring a whole load of people to titantrade.

The Big Problem…

Binary MillionaireThe key to a successful binary system is when it’s created by a reputable trader that’s had a lot of success. The trouble is now that because a whole load of people are looking to get into the binary trading scene internet marketers are beginning to take advantage of this & setting up their own systems to make some money out of referrals. That seems to be exactly the case here with Binary Millionaire hence the “rush tactic” that I mentioned above.

Now don’t get me wrong these guys make a lot of money, but they don’t make their money from trading – they just make it from selling you the dream & selling your details on to a broker. Hence why the system claims it can make you a millionaire – after all who doesn’t want to be a millionaire right?

Most of the binary trading apps that you see floating about in the market right now are actually created by the brokers. The brokers then let their affiliates drive traffic to the “system” & get a commission on each of the referrals they generate. This means that in the long run nobody is going to be making money other than the broker & their affiliates because think about it, how can the broker afford to keep paying these affiliates? Easy because they’re taking your money and using that to pay them!

My Final Thoughts…

As far as I can see there’s absolutely nothing new here, it’s just another fancy clone that’s landed in the market and it doesn’t look like it will be making anyone rich other than the broker and it’s affiliates. If you want to try it out for yourself then you’re more than welcome but I certainly won’t be recommending this system and in fact I’d probably issue the warning to stay away.

Summed up in a sentence: It has a nice website, fancy sales page & uses “rush tactics” to try and get you to enter your details but don’t get distracted by it’s shininess!

Of course if you have used the system & you happen to feel otherwise then please do leave a comment below – I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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