Is The Oxford Income Letter a Scam? In My Review I Am Uncovering The Real Truth!

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The Oxford Income Letter is an investment newsletter that’s put together by a guy named Marc Lichtenfeld, who is a published author & pro-investor. You’re led to believe that it will teach you how to harness the power of dividends using Marc’s “proprietary” 10-11-12 System & you’re told that with less than 4 hours of work you can generate an additional $1,038 per week. But obviously that’s a pretty bold claim & naturally it’s probably got you pretty sceptical about… Continue reading

The Point And Click Profit Is a Scam! My Honest Review Exposes Amy Jensen

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The Point and Click Profit system has just recently been launched by a lady named Amy Jensen, or at least so you’re told, and it promises to provide you with a way to easily earn lot’s of money online, even if you’re totally brand new. Amy claims that it’s super easy & that all you need is a computer & a couple of hours per day. She even claims that you can start earning right away & that you can… Continue reading

Christina’s Copy And Profit System – Scam or Legit? My Review Uncovers The TRUTH!

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The Copy and Profit system (found over at has been put together by a lady named Christina Delgado & it claims to provide you with the ability to begin earning as much as $1,000 or more per day with ease, even if you’ve never previously made money online before… Christina states that the system is “stupid simple” & that it enabled her to go from being a bartender to an online millionaire which sure sounds good… But is it… Continue reading

Easy Insta Profits Scam Busted! My Honest Review Exposes Why It’s 100% NOT Legit

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The Easy Insta Profits system has allegedly been put together by a guy named Mike Richards & through it you’re led to believe that you’ll be able to earn as much as $1,300 per day all from Instagram with “just a few taps” of your phone… But obviously that’s an extremely bold claim & no doubt you’re probably sceptical about the whole thing… So what’s the deal? Is it actually legit… Or will Easy Insta Profits scam you instead &… Continue reading

Passive Income Machines – Scam or Legit? My Review Uncovers The “Secret” Method

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Through the Passive Income Machines program which has been put together by 2 guys named Paul Nicholls & Trevor Carr you’re led to believe that you’ll learn how to easily generate a passive income of $2,000 per month online… And they claim that you can even rinse & repeat the method over & over again to earn as much money as you like… But is it actually legit or is Passive Income Machines a scam that’ll just end up taking… Continue reading

IM Niche Domination Review – Just a Scam or Is Lee Murray’s Training Actually Legit?

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The IM Niche Domination course has recently been launched by a guy named Lee Murray & through it you’re promised that you’ll be provided with everything you need to finally begin making as much as $233.65 per day online. But we hear these promises time & time again when it comes to money making programs so no doubt you’re pretty sceptical about the whole thing. You’re probably wondering is it actually legit? Or is IM Niche Domination a scam that’ll… Continue reading

Next Generation Affiliate V2 Review – Latest Scam or Is Tony Marriott’s Program Legit?

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Next Generation Affiliate V2 is an affiliate marketing training program that’s been put together by a guy named Tony Marriott and prior to this one Tony has actually launched several other similar training programs too. As the name suggests he’s even previously launched the NGA program as well and this is his second take on it… But can it really help you make money online as easily as it claims or is Next Generation Affiliate a scam that’ll just fail… Continue reading

Is Affiliate Revival Another Scam or Can You Really Make Money With It? [My Review]

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Affiliate Revival is one of the latest affiliate marketing programs to launch & it’s creators claim that it will teach you how you can setup your own “passive income machines” by giving up just as little as 20-30 minutes per day… You’re led to believe that it’s totally newbie friendly & that once you’ve setup these “income machines” you should expect passive earnings of around $100 to $200 per day… But is it actually legit or is Affiliate Revival another… Continue reading

Coin Code Club – Scam or Legit? My Honest Review Uncovers The Real Truth!

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The Coin Code Club claims to have been put together by a crypto millionaire & through it you’re led to believe that you’ll be able to find out how you too can generate your own fortune from crypto, all without spending a single dime… George Phillips, the guy who’s supposedly founded the whole thing states that you’ll be able to earn as much as $1,000 per day (or even more)… But is it actually legit? Or is Coin Code Club… Continue reading

Is Technology Profits Confidential a Scam? My Review of Ray Blanco’s Newsletter

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Technology Profits Confidential is a website that’s been recently put out by a company called Agora Financial & it claims that it can show you how you can make a small fortune from a “little known device” that’s allegedly set to shake the tech industry… Basically you’re led to believe that they’re providing you with the “inside scoop” on this tech before it happens, and that if you follow their instructions to invest you’ll put yourself in a position to… Continue reading