Don’t build backlinks to falling pages – it’s a trap!

With Panda 4.1 just being rolled out a lot of people will have no doubt started noticing certain pages on their website slipping down the ranks. Hopefully the majority of you have seen gains, but I’d imagine that if your sat reading this post then that’s probably not the case & your instead frantically looking for ways to fix your rankings.

Sadly many people have begun taking the approach of building links to these pages that are sliding down the ranks, but whatever you do – dont – it’s a trap!

The majority of these people who’ve begun building backlinks to their pages that are slipping through the ranks have become even more frustrated to find only that they’ve begun slipping quicker than they were previously!

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Picture this, your sites been sat on page 1 for the past few month and it’s generated hardly any backlinks… Maybe a few but not a great deal. You’ve been laying off the backlinking because things seemed to be going good & you were worried about the soon to come Penguin update. Now all of a sudden Panda hits and your site starts sliding. Bearing in mind that whilst it was on page 1 getting maximum traffic it was hardly getting any backlinks, why on earth would it suddenly start generating a whole load of backlinks now that’s in an even less prime position? It doesn’t make sense – and Google knows that!

So what should you do?

It’s time to work on your content. Panda’s indicated either your content doesn’t appear to be all that great or that the sites ranking above you are providing better. Learn from your competitors, take a look at their sites and see what they are doing differently to you – but more importantly try and find things they all have in common. Use this to your advantage and bare it in mind when you update your own site.

Thankfully Panda’s fairly easy to recover from as it’s updates are run frequently, unlike Penguin which can leave you bombed out for months (though that’s apparently set to change in the next update rollout).

If you do want to go down the backlinking route then only build backlinks to pages that seem to be holding their ranks okay, and build them slowly whilst pushing the slipping pages more on social media.

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