Get cashback for shopping online

Rather than going directly to a retailers website and buying something online you can click through a cashback website instead and make £100’s per year.

How does it work?

Cashback websites work with a whole load of different retailers and when you click through them to purchase something they get paid a commission. Being the generous folk that they are they then pass some of this commission back on to you.

The majority of cashback websites are free to sign up to. If you come across a website that asks you to pay to join then it’s probably best to avoid it.

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The downsides of cashback sites.

Unfortunately cashback sites aren’t perfect & sometimes the commission isn’t tracked which means you end up missing out on your cashback. This can happen quite frequently so it’s important not to rely on obtaining the cashback, and just to see it as a bonus if it does happen to come through.

Cashback site tips.

1. With the above paragraph in mind it’s always wise to focus on the cheapest deal as opposed to the cashback offer because if the cashback offer doesn’t come through then you’re going to be left paying more.

2. You should always withdraw your money out of the cashback sites as soon as you can because if the company happens to close then there’s no guarantee that you’ll get your money. Once you’ve hit the minimum payment threshold withdraw your money into your bank account.

3. You need to make sure that before buying the product the cashback site was the last website you clicked through. This is because of the way the sales are tracked, and if you’ve visited a different website after the cashback site before making the purchase it could mean that the sale won’t be tracked.

List of cashback websites.

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