Google Penguin 3.0 Update Confirmed

Yesterday Google confirmed that they had released the latest update to the Penguin algorithm, though I’m a little concerned about their methods of communicating algorithm updates as they apparently made their announcement via a private email to Barry Schwartz, a SEO blogger… It’s not April fools yet is it Barry?

With rumors of the Penguin update coming followed shortly by SERPs looking these, I don’t think we really needed any official confirmation to let us know what happened:


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There doesn’t seem to be any official confirmation as of yet from any of the Google employees documenting in detail what they’ve done. We don’t know whether this has been a refresh to the existing Penguin algorithm or a completely new update.

Many people have seen SERP rises, and I’m chuffed for you truly – but for those in the same boat as me I’m sure you’re eager for official confirmation, and an explanation. I’ve already begun documenting my Penguin recovery journey however I’ve not yet made much of a start since I can’t be sure if the rollouts complete – I don’t want to end up causing more harm than good so I’m going to hang fire until at least next Monday.

The update came late on Friday night and I’m still seeing fluctuations all over the place. I literally only just posted that my keyword had gone up to position 59 and seconds later it was down to 183.

Keyword Graph

The main question now is how frequently are the Penguin refreshes going to be rolled out?

John Mu posted a video earlier today which can be seen below:

If you jump to 46:50 in the video you’ll hear the question “will you be running it on a monthly basis” posed. From what I can make of John’s response I don’t believe there will be a refresh to the Penguin algorithm until at least after Christmas. This will mean that for all those of you whose rankings have dropped you can probably expect them to stay that way until the holiday period is over.

John also stated in the video that the Penguin update was finished rolling out, but then later on Barry Schwartz’s Google+ post he replied and said that he jumped the gun and that the update was actually still rolling out. For anybody whose rankings have dropped or for those who have been previously hit by Penguin and haven’t seen an increase there is still a bit of hope as we run into tomorrow morning. I’d imagine the update would be fully rolled out by the end of tomorrow and then any changes from then on would just be minor.


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