How To Disable GetResponse Double Opt-In With LeadPages

So I recently moved from AWeber to GetReponse and I couldn’t figure out how to the heck to disable opt-in when I was integrating it with LeadPages. After a little bit of research I finally figured it out so I’ve decided to put this post together to help anyone out who’s having the same problem.

As you probably know integrating GetResponse with LeadPages is really easy if you decide to use the API, but when you use the API you can’t disable double opt-in… So here’s the workaround:

Firstly you need to head up to the top right and click “Integrations” from the “My Account” dropdown menu.

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LeadPages Drop Down Menu

Now in the intergrations section instead of clicking the GetResponse link you actually need to click on the OfficeAutoPilot link & enable that.

Once that’s enabled you’ll then need to head over to GetResponse & create a web form. Just use the basic template that it provides you with but be sure to delete the name field like I have image below:

Get Response Create Form

Once you’ve done that hit next & set your thank you page just as you would normally. Now hit next again & you should be on the “Publish” section, from here choose “I will install my web form” and click “Show HTML Code”.

GetResponse Publish WebForm

You’ll need to select all the HTML code & copy it your clipboard, then head back over to LeadPages & click edit on the page where you want to disable double opt-in. From this page edit the opt-in form and under integrations instead of GetResponse choose OfficeAutoPilot. You’ll then be given the option to paste HTML code into the box & yep, you guessed it, this is where you’ll need to paste the HTML code that you’ve just copied over at GetResponse.

Leave the other settings just as they are & then click “Customize this form”.

LeadPages Integration Settings

Congratulations, you’ve just disabled double opt-in on your LeadPages form, but before you start jumping for joy be sure to test it first.

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