How To Increase Your Email Open Rate

“The money is in the list”…

That’s probably a saying you hear all too often right?

Well there’s no money in the list if nobodies opening your emails, so if that’s the case then what can you do to increase your email open rate?

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Firstly let’s look at the reasons as to why people don’t open their emails.

The number 1 reason that people don’t open an email is because they believe that what’s inside isn’t going to interest, or be of any use to them. It’s easier to just mark it & hit delete than it is to open it & have a look.

The other close second it’s because it’s gone into their spam folder so they never even had the chance to see it.

So how can we sort this out?

Well let’s go right back to the start. It’s important that from day 1 you build a strong relationship with your sbuscribers so that each time they get a new email from you they want to open it & find out what interesting thing it is you’re talking about today.

With that being said it’s also important to let your subscribers know what they’re going to get before they actually go ahead and subscribe. If you have a blog it’s a good idea to filter your lists based on different topics.

As an example this blog here is an internet marketing blog yet whilst someone might like SEO, they might not like PPC. So let’s say that visitor landed on my SEO post, enjoyed it & decided to subscribe to my blog – if I was to then fire an email about PPC their way it’s going to be of no interest to them & they’re probably not going to open it.

Create different lists for different topics & place relevant opt-in forms on the relevant pages, that way users will find themselves more engaged in your emails because they’ll all be interested in what you have to say.

Secondly – the subject line.

The subject line is going to be the make or break for whether or not your email gets opened. Don’t use the subject line to tell them what the email is about, instead you need to use it to make them want to find out more.

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Something like this: “Look, I probably shouldn’t have said this, but…”

That’s a pretty good subject line, and that’d probably get me to open up the email. Now that was just something I thought up quickly as I’m writing this post & I usually spend much longer on setting my emails but I’m sure you get the idea.

Your relationship…

It’s important to not only build a relationship but to also keep that relationship going strong. If you send out weekly emails then that’s going to keep people engaged and keep them opening up your emails, but if you miss a couple of weeks & then send out a newsletter people will have probably forgotten who you are.

You need to keep up the consistency and keep in touch with your subscribers to keep them actively engaged, that’s really important.

The dreaded “spam folder”.

To avoid your email landing in the spam folder you need to know how spam filters work.

You need to watch out for things like the formatting of your email, don’t use all caps, a whole load exclamation marks or wacky colours. Similarly if you’re talking about money then there’s a high chance it’s going to end up in the spam box.

Spam filters adapt all the time but those are the general kind of things they look out for, however even if your emails are completely hunky dory but a lot of people begin to mark them as spam then you could still find yourself facing the same problem.

So it’s important to keep your subject likes on topic to what the users actually going to find in the email, and it’s important to keep the email itself relevant and “useful” to the reader.

The takeaway from this post.

Basically it’s vitally important that you keep consistent with your subscribers & provide information that’s useful to them, that way you can almost guarantee that they will open your emails. Keep your subject lines intriguing but at the same time relevant, and whatever you do be sure not to use spammy formatting or words like casino, open immediately, make money etc otherwise you’ll find your mail getting lost in the spam folder.

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