Military Millionaire Review – Major Scam?

Welcome to my review of the brand new Military Millionaire system, the system that boldly promises it can make us profits of $100,000 every single week. It certainly doesn’t hold back on it’s claims so I’ve decided to take a look into it to see what it’s all about, and most importantly to find out whether or not it actually works.

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Warning: Most of the other reviews you’ll find for this system have actually been written by affiliates who are only interested in getting you to sign up so that they can earn themselves a commission. I’d like to inform you that I’m not affiliated with this system so you can rest assured that what you’ll be reading here will be a truthful ‘outsiders’ review.

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So what’s this system all about?

Military Millionaire HomepageAccording to the video on the homepage of the Military Millionaire system you’re led to believe it’s been created by a guy named Stan, a US war veteran that went from penniless to becoming a millionaire using his special binary trading formula. It goes on to mention that absolutely anybody can use the software & that by entering your name & email you can get yourself access to 1 of 50 free copies.

What’s funny is the fact that I actually came across this system yesterday but didn’t get around to reviewing it until today, and guess what – those 50 free copies are still available. Considering this system can supposedly make you in excess of $15,000 per day on complete auto-pilot I find that a little strange, don’t you?

Regardless I figured it couldn’t hurt to enter my name & email address to find out a little more about this system so I went ahead & did just that.

What I found was disappointing…

Well the first thing I noticed was that the “Membership Spots Available” counter on the left hand side jumped up from 1 to 6, so as suspected that was nothing but a big fat lie.

But more importantly I was taken to another page where I was instructed to create a trading account with their recommended broker & deposit at least $250 in order to gain access into the system. This raised major red flags, for more than one reason…

1. Firstly we were promised that the system was 100%, but moments later we’re asked to deposit $250 to gain access. I don’t know about you but that’s not what I call free.

2. This system follows the exact same traits as the other bogus ‘free’ binary systems that have came before it & these systems have done nothing other than part people with their hard earned money (more on that below).

I did some further digging…

Based on the history of the other so called ‘free’ binary systems I didn’t fancy depositing $250 on a whim so instead I did my homework. I’m glad I did because it quickly became clear that this system doesn’t live up to it’s promises and unfortunately it’s no different to any of the other systems that have came before it.

I found some real horror stories left by people that had ‘tried’ this system, and out of the several reviews I came across the only positive ones I could find were those written by the affiliates promoting it. Those that deposited found themselves drastically out of pocket, and not just by $250 either…

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Let’s look at how it really works.

As mentioned at the start of my review this system has supposedly been launched by a guy named Stan who is a US war veteran, but that’s just not true. “Stan” doesn’t actually exist, instead this system has been launched by an internet marketer who’s simply out to make himself a quick buck at the expense of others, and here’s how…

The guy behind this system, whatever his name may be, is an affiliate of the “recommended” broker. This means that he gets paid a big fat commission for every new person he manages to get to sign up with them & deposit funds.

The trouble is that most people know how risky binary option trading is and they know that any money they deposit they’ll most likely lose. This is why the “Military Millionaire” system was launched, to make you believe that you can profit from you trades so that you’ll go ahead & deposit funds. The truth is it’s nothing more than a whole load of hype put together simply to get you to sign up & deposit so that the creator can earn himself a big fat commission. It doesn’t actually work as promised but unfortunately you’re only left to find that out after you’ve deposited your funds, but by then it’s too late.

What’s more the brokers make it extremely difficult for people to get their money back, and it’s very rare that anybody does actually manage to obtain a refund. When I was carrying out my research into this system it became clear that a lot of people we’re under the impression they could “try” the system and then simply withdraw the funds they didn’t use, but this isn’t the case. You may as well wave goodbye to any of the funds you deposit into this system because chances are they’ll be gone for good.

My advice – avoid this system (unless you want to LOSE money that is).

To wrap things up…

This Military Millionaire system flat out doesn’t work and if you were thinking of trying it out, think again. To put it simply it’s nothing but pure hype & nobody is going to be earning any money from it other than it’s creator and the affiliates promoting it. I hate to put down systems but this one is blatantly out there to do nothing other than part people with their hard earned cash.

If you’re still considering looking into binary option trading as a way of generating income then I’d like to warn you that it’s extremely risky. Whilst people online make it look easy let me tell you that out of the thousands that participate in it very few actually make a profit, and even fewer make a sustainable one. One thing you should never believe about binary trading is the whole ‘autopilot’ thing – to come even anywhere near close to making a profit from binary trades you’d have to spending countless hours behind your PC monitoring data. Let me reiterate, there are no working autopilot binary trading systems out there.

Basically what I’m saying is that if you’re looking for a way to generate a sustainable income online then you should turn your focus onto internet marketing instead. Internet marketing is a proper skill in which you can develop and scale your income over time, it doesn’t rely on mere gambles like binary option trading.

It used to be difficult to get into which deterred a lot of people but these days with the help of purpose built systems internet marketing is actually something that’s really easy to get started with. Anyhow that’s just my 2 cents, what you do with my advice is completely up to you.

Back onto the topic of this review, I really hope you found it useful & most importantly I hope it helped prevent you from parting with your cash. If you have anything you’d like to say then as always please feel free to write a comment below this post, it would be much appreciated – thank you!

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I’m Dale Rodgers, a former electrician that discovered how to make a full time income online. I’ve put this blog together to share what I’ve learned so that I can help others do the same. Read more about me here.

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