The Millionaires Maker Review – Will It Really Make You A Millionaire?

Welcome to today’s review, which is of a brand new system called “The Millionaires Maker”. This is system that’s supposedly been created by a teenage multi-millionaire trader named Martin, and claims it can generate you millions of dollars on complete auto-pilot. I’m here today to discover whether this system is the real deal or just another piece of bogus software.

The Millionaires Maker Logo

So if you’ve stumbled across The Millionaires Maker system and are looking to find out whether or not it works then stick around because I’m going to reveal everything about this system in this in-depth review.

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As ever I always like to clarify that what you’ll be getting here is a 100% honest & unbiased review. Most reviews for systems like The Millionaires Maker are put together by affiliates who only have 1 interest, which is to get you to sign up so that they can earn themselves a big fat commission. I am not affiliated with this system in any way shape or form, so right here you will be getting the TRUTH.

So without further ado, as they say – let’s go ahead and get into the meat & bones of this review.

At a first glance…

When you land of the homepage of this system you’re told that you have the potential to become one of the lucky 50 Beta testers that can get inside this system & become a millionaire – but best of all you can get in absolutely free.

The Millionaires Maker Homepage

It’s a very bold claim, and immediately it makes me a little suspicious.

The reasons it makes me suspicious are;

  1. If the system was really making people millionaires, surely those 50 spots would have filled up very quickly. I actually discovered this system last night and didn’t get around to reviewing it until today, however I’m still told that there are 50 spots available which would mean not a single one of them had been filled. Strange, don’t you think?
  2. Why do they even need Beta testers? If they’re so confident in this software, and if it’s already made the creator a multi-millionaire then surely they know it works already? Again this seems strange to me too.

Regardless I decided to go ahead & watch the video, maybe that would reveal some answers…

The video starts off by running through a few testimonials from users, but I’m not interested in that – I want to find out about how it works.

Unfortunately after sitting through 15 minutes and 45 seconds of video I was still clueless as to how this system was supposed to work, and I didn’t discover any information about the secret as it was meant to be so profitable. Instead I was shown more and more testimonials, and pitched a dream.

It was quite a waste of my time to say the least, so since I couldn’t find any information on the main website itself I decided to enter my details to see if there was any more information on the inside.

After entering my details…

Once I’d entered my details I was taken into the system and presented with yet another video. After wasting 15 minutes and 45 seconds watching the first one, I decided just to skip this one and opt to read the written instructions instead.

The first thing I was being told to do was to make a deposit in order to activate the software, and that deposit needed to be a minimum of $250.

That shocked me, because this system (according to the homepage) was supposed to be 100% free – and $250 is a fair chunk of money.

However, the system explicitly states that the $250 is always ours to keep, and that we can withdraw it any time… So I guess technically we are not spending anything, but I decided to check this out first to make sure that guarantee was true.

The recommended broker that they tell you to deposit with is a broker named PWRTrade. After looking into their terms and conditions if you make a deposit via The Millionaires Maker system you will not be able withdraw your funds at any time.

You see when you deposit via The Millionaires Maker they give you a “matching bonus”, and according to PWRTrade if you take that matching bonus offer then you will be required to execute a minimum trading volume of twenty times the deposit amount and bonus amount combined. So basically you may as well kiss goodbye to your money if this system doesn’t work as promised.

PWRTrade Bonus Conditions

So next question, does it work as promised?

Since you can’t simply make a deposit and then withdraw if it doesn’t work to try it out, I didn’t want to risk my funds for the purpose of this review.

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Instead what I did was conduct some research, and after some time spent digging I can safely say that this system does not work as promised.

The only reviews/testimonials I were able to find of people succesfully profiting from this system were written by affiliates who had a direct interest in trying to get you to buy into it. Every other review I came across from “real people” showed that they had lost money…and lot’s of money at that.

So I continued my digging to find out what was going on with this system, and why it’s making these false promises.

What I discovered shocked me.

This system hasn’t been created by a multi-millionaire trader at all – it’s actually been created by an internet marketing who’s just out to make a quick buck.

What he has done is affiliated himself with PWRTrade, which means he earns a commission for everybody he gets to deposit with that broker.

However since binary options is very risky, he has obviously realised that it’s hard to get people to deposit, meaning he isn’t earning a great deal in commissions.

But because he is smart he has thought of a way to get more people to deposit, and that is by creating a system that makes people think they are going to make profitable trades.

Which is where The Millionaires Maker was born.

This system is not a profitable trading system at all, instead it’s just something that’s been put together purely so that the owner can reep a ton of commissions from all the people who are depositing to try this system out.

That certainly explains why those 50 Beta tester positions aren’t selling out!

So here’s my advice…

Firstly, you need to steer clear of this system. This system will do nothing but help you LOSE your money… So if you want to keep hold of your cash, avoid it.

It promises a lot of nice things, but it certainly doesn’t deliver – don’t get drawn in.

Secondly you need to forget about binary options altogether too. Binary options are really bad news – they are nothing but a gamble and they are certainly not a method you should be looking into to generate an income. Totally unsustainable.

However if you are looking for a way to make some extra income then what I would suggest you do look into is something called Internet Marketing. That’s what I personally do, and that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 4 or 5 years now.

Internet Marketing is something that will enable you to build a sustainable income online and it’s also something that can enable to generate more income than a typical job. The internet is a very powerful tool and having the ability to reach so many people at your fingertips makes it very easy to become succesful online.

So if building a genuine business is something you’re interested in rather than a bogus get rich quick scheme then you should take a look through this blog – I’ve shared lot’s of tips and tricks on Internet Marketing that will help you get started and especially with the likes of Google at hand you don’t have any excuses not to become succesful if you really want it badly enough. That’s just my two cents anyway!

Just before I go…

I do hope you found this review useful and importantly I hope it helped you dodge the bullet and hold onto your cash.

If however you had already bought into this system before coming across this review then I’d like to kindly ask if you could leave a comment sharing your experience and let us know what happened. I personally would be interested and I’m sure that other people who come across this review would be too.

Thanks for reading!

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