OptInMonster WordPress Plugin Review

I recently installed the WordPress OptInMonster plugin on my blog & I just wanted to take some time out to let you know my thoughts.

What is OptInMonster?

For those of you who’ve not yet come across OptInMonster it’s basically a plugin with the primary intention of helping you achieve more email opt-ins from your website. It does this by placing a floating popup over your content in order to grab the users attention & focus it on your opt-in form.

Whilst that on it’s own might not sound too exciting it has a whole load of other built in features and actually allows you to target specific pages, categories and even specific user behavior.

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Plus you don’t have to use it for opt-ins, it has a canvas mode too which basically allows you to add whatever you like to the popup so you could direct users to an offer or a specific page on your website if you want. I think personally I’ve actually used this feature more than I’ve used the opt-in form so far.

You can even use it to add opt-in forms to the bottom of your posts too which massively increased my blog subscription rate.

Is it free?

It’s not a free plugin & that at first was what held me back from installing it for so long. In the end I decided to go for it & I purchased the basic package, but I quickly fell in love with and ended up upgrading to the pro-package in order to take advantage of the exit-intent technology.

If you do decide to get the plugin I’d absolutely massively recommend getting the pro-package as that exit-intent feature is absolutely amazing.

In just 5 days of having the plugin & using the exit-intent feature it generated me an extra 11 sales from what would have just been visitors leaving my website. Those sales actually covered the cost of the plugin & put me straight into a bit of profit so it was safe to say I was very happy.

So what do I think of it?

Personally I think it’s absolutely amazing, in fact I haven’t read any other reviews people have written but I can’t possibly see how anyone could say a bad word about it.

If you’re serious about maximising conversions and making money from your website then I’d go as far as saying that it’s a must have. Like I said above in just 5 days of having the plugin installed it’d actually paid for itself and put me into profit, but the best part was those were all visitors that would have otherwise been leaving my website.

This plugins fantastic for monetizing your exit traffic because unlike most plugins that display a nasty “Are you sure you want to leave” popup this one actually detects the mouse movement and springs a popup as soon as they go anywhere near the close button. It’s much cleaner and provides a much better experience for the visitor yet at the same time grabs you an opt-in or generates you some money (or both!).

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If I have it enabled at the time of you reading this post then you might even get to see it in action, but here are a few screenshots just in case I don’t…

Below is a picture of the management area from within your WordPress admin. You can have multiple opt-in forms, so as an example you could have a different opt-in form appear on your blog post as the one that appears on your homepage.

As you can see in the image below impressions are tracked & so are conversions, however notice on mine it says the conversions are 0 – that’s because this is a canvas type popup and not an opt-in form so there’s nowhere for somebody to “convert”.

OptInMonster Admin

In this image below you can see that there are a whole load of different themes to choose from, and once you’ve selected a theme it’s literally just a case of clicking on the bit that you want to edit & changing the text/image. It’s super easy.

OptInMonster Theme Selection

So yes, just to re-iterate I’d definitely highly recommend this plugin & if you’re serious about making money from your blog then it’s an absolute must have.



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