Bloggers, You Don’t Need To Get It Right, You Just Need To Get It Going…

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One thing I’ve learned over the years of blogging is that you necessarily don’t need to get it right, you just need to get it going. You see when I first started out with this blog I was totally stuck. I was putting all my hours into building it but I just didn’t seem to be getting anywhere at all (I kinda felt like the cow to the right). The reason for that was because I was focusing on trying… Continue reading

I Can’t Blog… I Don’t Know What To Write… (Broke Mentality)

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Before I elaborate on the title of this post I want to quickly tell you about my friend. …and don’t worry I’m not just going off on a crazy tangent, he is related to the post as you’ll soon find out. You see my friend is currently jobless, and he has been for quite some time now due an injury he’s sustained. It’s not so bad for him at the moment because he’s still receiving “sick pay”, but soon that’s… Continue reading

Yes, You Do Need A List To Succeed… (But Maybe Not An Email List)

Writing A List

You’ll often hear the phrase passed around the web that in order to succeed online “you need a list”. Now generally when people say that they’re referring to an email list, and don’t get me wrong email lists are certainly very important. However I personally believe there’s another list that ranks even higher in counting towards the success of your online business. …and the list is I’m referring to is none other than a to-do list. Now some of you… Continue reading

My Trip To Las Vegas And Los Angeles!

Last year I went to Las Vegas and I really enjoyed it so I decided to go again this year too. I returned about 2, maybe 3 weeks ago but I’ve only “just about” resurfaced. Vegas certainly takes it out of you (especially when partying around the clock), so please do pardon my absence – heh. But here I am, back in the saddle & ready to share my story 🙂 Initially we were literally just going to head back… Continue reading

Ninja Way To Get Free Targeted Leads For Your Business

In this post I’m going to share with you one of my more “ninja” ways of getting free, targeted leads for your business. Whilst the method is pretty cool and can come in handy at any point during your marketing journey, it’s usually something you’d reserve for when you’re just starting out in a new niche and you’re at the point where every lead counts. Before I dive into this method be sure to check out my ninja Instagram method… Continue reading

Use Being Broke As The Driving Force To Becoming Rich

Poor Or Rich

If you’ve spent any amount of time looking for ways to make money online then you’ll have most probably come across several rags to riches stories… I myself even I have my own (you can find it on my about me page). Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t publish my own story to brag, but to inspire. I wanted to show people that it’s possible to reach your end goals as long as you keep consistent, because after all… Continue reading

Military Millionaire Review – Major Scam?

Military Millionaire Homepage

Welcome to my review of the brand new Military Millionaire system, the system that boldly promises it can make us profits of $100,000 every single week. It certainly doesn’t hold back on it’s claims so I’ve decided to take a look into it to see what it’s all about, and most importantly to find out whether or not it actually works. Warning: Most of the other reviews you’ll find for this system have actually been written by affiliates who are… Continue reading

Peak Profits Formula Review – Does It Really Work?

Peak Profits Homepage

Welcome to my review of the brand new Peaks Profit Formula system! The launch of this system has created a lot of hype and after taking a look at the claims this system is making I’m not surprised as to why. The big question that everybody seems to want to know is “does it actually work?”, so that’s exactly what I’m going to be finding out today & sharing with you right here in this review. As always you can… Continue reading

The Fisher Method Review – Scam System Or Is It Legit?

Welcome to my review of The Fisher Method system. This is an interesting new product which has just launched claiming it can make its users over $500 per day by just making a few clicks of their mouse. They’re certainly some bold claims as I’m sure you’ll agree, so the question is are they true & does this system actually work or is it just another bogus system delivering false promises? Let’s find out… First things first… I just want… Continue reading

Wealth Distribution Society Review – Another Scam?

Wealth Distribution Society Website

Welcome to my review of the Wealth Distribution Society. This is a brand new system that’s launched claiming it can make you at least $2,000 per day on complete autopilot by “legally stealing cash” from big banks & corporations. So what exactly is it all about, is it really legal & most importantly does it actually work? Let’s find out… The first thing I want to tell you is that I’m not an affiliate of the Wealth Distribution Society therefore… Continue reading