The Brit Method Exposed – Real System or Dangerous Scam?

Screenshot of The Brit Method homepage

Product Name: The Brit Method Product Owner: Jason Taylor (false identity) Cost: Minimum $250 (pressured into paying more) My Score: 0/100 Quick Summary: The Brit Method is a system that’s consists of nothing more than false hype & fake promises. It’s one of the latest binary options scams to surface and it’s only intention is to part novice traders with their hard earned cash. Before I Start… I’m about to jump in & expose this system for what it really… Continue reading

Omnia App Exposed – Does It Really Work?

Screenshot of the Omnia App homepage

Product Name: Omnia App Product Owner: Matthew Hammersmith (false identity) Cost: Minimum $250 (pressured into paying more) My Score: 0/100 Quick Summary: The Omnia App is one of the latest scam binary options systems to surface and whilst it can seem quite convincing (especially to newcomers) unfortunately the claims made by this system are simply not true. The only intention of this system is to part you with your hard earned cash. Before I Start… I’m about to give you… Continue reading

Bahama Banker Review – Full of False Hope

Bahama Banker Homepage Screenshot

Product Name: Bahama Banker Product Owner: Unknown (hidden identity) Cost: Minimum $250 (pressured into paying more) My Score: 0/100 Quick Summary: Don’t be fooled because whilst the Bahama Banker system looks like an easy money-maker in truth it’s nothing more than a fake ploy to get you to sign up with their recommended broker so that the owners can earn themselves a commission at your expense. Avoid at all costs. Before I Get Started… As with all my reviews I… Continue reading

OptinMonster VS LeadPages – Which Is Better?

OptinMonster VS LeadPages

For the past couple of years I’ve been using both LeadPages & OptinMonster but recently I decided that rather than paying for both (since they both do similar things) it would make more sense to figure out which one is best & just use that one instead. The main benefit of me dropping one of the services would be that it would obviously save me some money, but on top of that it would also make things easier because by… Continue reading

Are You An Online Marketer Or An Internet Salesperson? You Need To Know Your Role

Way back in 2012 I started my journey into the world of online marketing & ever since then I’ve called myself an online marketer. However, recently I realized that I was no longer an online marketer – I had become an internet salesperson & let me tell you something… I didn’t like it one bit. Thankfully I managed to realize what I’d become before it ruined me (and my business), but I’m publishing this blog post today to share this… Continue reading

Matched Bets Review – Beat The Bookies & Make Extra Cash With Risk-Free Matched Betting Homepage Screenshot

Product Name: MatchedBets Product Owner(s): Better Media Ltd Cost: You can make around £50 as a free member, then it’s £99 for the year of £14/month if you choose to pay monthly. My Score: 98/100 (one of my top recommendations) Quick Summary: If you want to earn (a lot) more online than paid surveys but don’t want the hassle of starting a full-blown online business then MatchedBets sounds like the answer. What Is Launched in 2016 MatchedBets is a… Continue reading

Review of The Success Circle System – Does It Really Deliver?

Success Circle Homepage Screenshot

Product Name: Success Circle Product Owner: Unknown (hidden identity) Cost: Minimum $250 (pressured into paying more) My Score: 0/100 Quick Summary: The Success Circle is a “dulled-down” binary options scam that rather than promoting get-rich-quick, promotes a “get-rich-slowly” approach instead in an effort to draw you in & part you with your hard earned cash. What is the Success Circle system? The Success Circle is one of the latest so-called “automated” binary options systems to launch & it claims to… Continue reading

Profit Ball Review – Convincing But Simply Not True

Profit Ball Homepage Screenshot

Product Name: Profit Ball Product Owner: Terry Mason (unverifiable identity) Cost: $250 (pressured into paying more) My Score: 0/100 Quick Summary: The Profit Ball system is nothing more than a convincing ploy that’s been put together to get you to deposit with the creator’s “recommended” broker so that they can earn themselves a commission at your expense – unfortunately there’s absolutely no truth behind any of the promises made. What is the Profit Ball system? Profit Ball is an automated… Continue reading

How To Write Product Reviews That Convert Into Sales

Make Money From Reviews

If you’re a blogger that’s spent any amount of time looking for ways to make money from your blog then you’ll have probably been told that product reviews are the best way to go about it, and that’s because they generally are. When done right, product reviews can provide an easy and effective source of income. However, writing product reviews is one thing – getting them to convert into sales is another (and since you’re here reading this post I’m… Continue reading

Review of My Secret Sites System – There Is No Buzz At All

My Secret Sites System Homepage Screenshot

Product Name: My Secret Sites Product Owner: Rocky Lin (unverifiable identity) Cost: $97 ($77 if you try and exit) My Score: 0/100 Quick Summary: It’s a system that’s packed with nothing but false promises & bold income claims that are not achievable through the teachings of this system alone. The only people making money from this system are the owners & the affiliates who are promoting it earning commissions at your expense. What is the My Secret Sites system? It’s… Continue reading