Payday App Review – Another Scam System?

Payday App HomepageWelcome to my review of the Payday App system which has just recently launched & is claiming it’s going to be the answer to all of our financial worries. It’s certainly generated a lot of interest so I’ve decided to put this review together to find out what it’s all about and most importantly whether or not it actually works. It’s worth mentioning too that I’m not an affiliate of this system so what you’ll be getting here is a completely honest review. So without further ado let’s dive right in…

The website itself doesn’t really give a great deal away about this system, at least not until you enter your email address. To save you the trouble I can tell you that this actually just another “free” binary options system. The video on the homepage gives a motivational speech about chasing your dreams & doing what you believe in, but this is completely irrelevant to binary option trading because well frankly binary options are just another form of gambling. A motivation speech won’t help you win in a casino and it’s not going to help you here either.

This website follows a similar structure to all of the other binary systems that have came before it. Whilst this one doesn’t shout out riches at you in numbers, it does certainly try and sell you a dream in the video as it starts out with a Lamborghini rolling in followed by images of yachts. We’ve heard it all before, it hasn’t worked then & it’s not going to work now.

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Lamborghini Video

These binary systems all claim that they have the answer that will allow you to profit from your trades but in reality this is impossible. There’s no way you could physically guarantee profits from trades & if you could then the brokers would be bankrupt & out of business overnight. The truth is these systems are just marketing ploys to try & get you to deposit funds with the broker that they recommend, because if you do so then they’ll earn a commission (a hefty one too!).

You see therefore these systems are not as free as they make out since in order to try them out you’ll need to fund your broker account with at least around $250, and then the broker company will get you on the phone in an effort to try and make you deposit even more. If you’re looking for the quickest way to lose your money then this system would be perfect, but if you’re looking for a way to make money then I’d stay well away. You might be wondering how I know that without even trying the system, well I know it because I’ve seen literally hundreds of these systems launch, I’ve seen thousands of people get sucked in & I’ve yet to see a single one profit.

If you don’t believe me then by all means go ahead & try it for yourself but I will say for certain you’ll lose your money. It’s actually a fact that many of these systems have been created by the brokers themselves as a way to generate more customers. Binary options have a relatively bad name because very few people profit from them so often it can be difficult for the brokers to get new customers, but by releasing systems like this it can entice lot’s of people in who may not have previously considered trading binary options.

Nobody will make money from these systems under than the owners and it’s affiliates who are basically getting paid to part people with their hard earned cash. No matter how fancy or legit these systems appear they just flat out won’t work, believe me.

You might see other reviews online which contradict mine & tell you how great this system works but what you’ll notice is that these guys are affiliates of the system, they’re promoting it so they’re bound to say it’s great. Don’t fall for it because think about this for a moment, if this system really worked as promised then why on earth would people be wasting their time promoting the system via an affiliate link? Surely they’d just use the system to generate an income instead right? Exactly…

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My conclusion.

This system is nothing new, it’s just another so called “free” binary options system which is going to do nothing other than provide you with the fastest way to lose your money. If you really want to make money online then you need a proven internet marketing system, not a get-rich-quick binary options system.

Whilst the minimum deposit required to access these systems tends to be around $250 often people end up losing an awful lot more since they begin chasing their money. The brokers actually encourage this because they’ll quickly call you an tell you that must be shortly due a win which lulls people into a false sense of security & ends up leaving them even further out of pocket… I’ve actually seen some people even end up in debt as a result of these systems.

So in case you hadn’t already gathered then my recommendation would be to stay well away. I’ve seen thousands of people lose money to these systems already and I don’t want you to be the next – hold on to your cash & spend it on something that’s proven to work rather than a binary system that’s only been around for a day or two.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review & I hope you understand that these “free” binary options systems (and binary options in general) are no good & are down to pure luck, nothing more. Sure sometimes people make a profit but this is often very small & very short lived.

Keep your cash, treat a loved one or if you’re still looking for money making opportunities then put it into a system that’s proven to work & results from not just a handful but thousands of people around the world.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. I’d love to hear your thoughts, feel free to leave a comment below!

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