The Bitcoin Code Scam – My MUST Read Review

The Bitcoin Code Homepage

In this review I’m going to be taking a closer look at The Bitcoin Code system which is something that’s supposedly been created by a guy named Steve McKay who claims it can enable you to achieve “insane returns” from Bitcoin investment (his words, not mine). Amazingly he even claims that he takes all of the members of his program on free monthly retreats around the world… But is it actually legit – or is The Bitcoin Code a scam… Continue reading

BitConnect Review – Is It a Ponzi Scam?

BitConnect Homepage

In this review I’m going to be taking a closer look at a company named BitConnect which claims to provide a lucrative investment opportunity for people willing to support their cryptocurrency BitConnectCoin (BCC). The company claims that members investing in their cryptocurrency can expect to see an ROI of up to 40% per month and that members can even earn more money by recruiting more people into the opportunity. At a glance it looks like a classic cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme… Continue reading

Is CoinBase a Scam? 100% Honest Review

CoinBase Homepage Screenshot

Whilst I haven’t yet invested in cryptocurrency it’s something I’ve been heavily considering, especially with the hype surrounding Bitcoin at the moment. However at the moment I’m trying to determine the safest & easiest way to invest. Which brings me onto today’s blog post – in which I’m going to be putting together a review of CoinBase, which is a company that let’s you buy, sell & store various cryptocurrencies. One thing I noticed was that there was a lot… Continue reading

Will Xtreme Coin See You Profiting Through Bitcoin?

Screenshot of the Xtreme Coin Homepage

There’s no doubt that’s there’s a lot of hype surrounding Bitcoin at the moment, with various headlines hitting the newspapers & TV about amateur investors making millions with this new cryptocurrency… So now people are looking to jump on the bandwagon by getting involved with Bitcoin themselves in the hope of seeing similar riches, and as a result of all this hype there have been several companies launching which are claiming that they have the answer for enabling you to… Continue reading

Will BitClub Network Really See You Cashing In On Bitcoin Or Is Yet Another Investment Scam?

Screenshot of the BitClub Network Homepage

Bitcoin seems to be gaining more & more interest by the day as it’s price just seems to keep on rising – but with all the hype surrounding Bitcoin we’ve started to see some “questionable” systems launching promising easy untold riches by making investments in the digital currency. One particular system that’s attracted a lot of attention recently is a system named BitClub Network, which claims to provide the most innovative & lucrative way for people to generate profits through… Continue reading

JetCoin Boasts 100% Success Rates But I’m Pretty Skeptical

Screenshot of the JetCoin homepage

It’s safe to say that there’s been a lot of hype around Bitcoin lately and that hype only seems to be ever increasing as the price of Bitcoin continues to rise. However, with all this hype surrounding BTC many people are taking it as an opportunity to make a quick-buck. There’s been hundreds, in fact probably thousands of fake Bitcoin “investment schemes” surfacing which promise amazing returns but end up shutting up shop & disappearing leaving people out of pocket… Continue reading