Is Bitcoin Mentor Club a Scam? Read My Review Before Signing Up!

Bitcoin Mentor Club Website Screenshot

Welcome to my review of Bitcoin Mentor Club! This is a brand new program that’s recently been launched by a so-called currency trading expert named Cecil Robles & you’re led to believe that as a member you’ll get “insider secrets” on how to generate ROI’s of around 8000% from the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin… But obviously those claims are pretty insane – I mean 8,000%… Really?? That would see you earning a whopping $80,000 on every single $1,000 you invested –… Continue reading

Is PayPie a Legit ICO or Scam? Read My Review!

PayPie Website Screenshot

Welcome to my PayPie review! This is one of the latest cryptocurrency ICO’s to launch & I have to admit that at a glance it looks fairly promising as PayPie is a company that plans to introduce the first ever risk score assessment to the world of decentralized accounting. However as with all ICO’s there’s still a lot of risk involved and naturally people are asking all sorts of questions about the company such as how does it actually work,… Continue reading

Is Crypto Cash Pool a Scam? [Review]

Crypto Cash Pool Website Screenshot

Welcome to my Crypto Cash Pool review! This is one of the latest cryptocurrency money-making schemes to launch & it claims that by inviting just 2 people to the company you can generate an extremely large automated income through their opportunity. The company has certainly been generating a lot of interest but there are already a lot of mixed reviews & as a result people are uncertain as to whether or not they should invest – thankfully though if you’re… Continue reading

Is DragonChain a Scam or Legit Cryptocurrency? Read My Honest Review

DragonChain Website Screenshot

Welcome to my DragonChain review! In case you don’t already know DragonChain is a newly launched cryptocurrency that claims to built on the most secure & flexible serverless blockchain platform ever made… The blockchain protocol itself was actually originally built by Disney but the Dragon coin has now launched under an ICO Initial Coin Offering with the hope of releasing publicly & rivaling the likes of Ethereum – but will it really stand a chance? Thankfully you’re in the right… Continue reading

Answered: Is 10xBitcoin a Scam? [Review]

10xBitcoin Website Screenshot

Welcome to my 10xBitcoin review! As the name suggests 10xBitcoin claims that it can help you multiply your Bitcoins & earn even more money – it does this by offering a multi-level recruitment opportunity but many people have slated the company as being nothing more than a pyramid scheme… In this review I’ll be uncovering everything there is to know about this newly launched cryptocurrency opportunity & I’ll be answering the big question that everybody’s been asking – is it really… Continue reading

Is Ethconnect a Scam? Read My Honest Review

Screenshot of the Ethconnect website

Welcome to my Ethconnect review! Ethconnect (otherwise known as ECH) is a new blockchain based cryptocurrency that’s currently in it’s ICO Initial Coin Offering stage & on top of making transactions easier it claims to be able to help it’s members earn money through investments & lending. The question many people are wondering though is whether or not Ethconnect is actually legit because there’s been a lot of dodgy new ICO’s & cryptocurrency opportunities launching over the past year, many… Continue reading

Is Home Blockcoin a Scam? My Honest Review

Home Blockcoin Website Screenshot

Welcome to my Home Blockcoin review! If you don’t already know, Home Blockcoin is a new ICO (Initial Coin Offering) that’s recently launched & it has been getting promoted very heavily so I’ve decided to take a closer look to see what it’s all about – and to determine whether or not it’s legit or a scam. So if you’ve been thinking about investing or joining the Home Blockcoin opportunity then you can rest assured that you’ve landed in exactly… Continue reading

Is IndaHash a Scam? My Honest Review

Screenshot of the Indahash website

IndaHash is a website that connects social media influencers with advertisers in an effort to help them make money, but on top of that the company is now releasing a cryptocurrency named the IndaHash Coin… At the moment the coin is in it’s ICO stage (Initial Coin Offering) & the company claims that investors will likely see great returns when the coins released if they purchase tokens prior to it’s launch… But this has left a lot of people wondering… Continue reading

Is USI Tech a Scam? Read My Review!

Screenshot of the USI Tech website

USI Tech claims to provide it’s members with an automated Bitcoin trading platform that can supposedly earn them whopping daily profits of around 1% (which is huge in the world of investing) without them actually having to do anything… So apparently all you need to do is invest into the program & you can allegedly begin seeing a return on your funds the very next day after joining – but is it actually legit or is USI Tech a scam?… Continue reading

Is Electroneum a SCAM? Full Review

Electroneum Coin Website Screenshot

Electroneum is a newly launched British cryptocurrency & it claims to be the next big thing since Bitcoin which as you can imagine has generated an awful lot of interest among investors… But with the rise of duff cryptocurrencies launching (like DasCoin & BitConnect) it leaves many people wondering, is it actually legit or is Electroneum a scam that’s just going to see the owners fleeing with your investments? I’ve decided to personally take a closer look into it to… Continue reading