Is Bitconcent a Scam? Yup, My Review Exposes It!

Bitconcent Website Screenshot

If you’re thinking I’ve made a typo, no I haven’t – Bitconcent is actually a newly launched cryptocurrency based money making program & surprise surprise it shares an awful lot of common traits with the similarly named site that came before it, Bitconnect. Bitconnect though as you may know got forced to shut down, leaving people parted from their investments – so what’s the deal here with this one? Is it actually legit or Bitconcent a scam that’ll also leave… Continue reading

Is Pincoin a Scam or Legit Opportunity? Read My Review Before Signing Up!

Pincoin Website Screenshot

Pincoin is one of the latest cryptocurrency based money-making opportunities to launch & like the majority of the other companies that have came before it this one too makes outrageous income claims such as promised ROI’s of up to 312%… But again, just like the others that have came before this is a company that also runs recruiting alongside their “investment scheme” so what’s the deal – is this one actually legit or is Pincoin a scam that’ll just see… Continue reading

Is Supreme Power Coin a Ponzi Scheme Scam? [Honest Review]

Supreme Power Coin Website Screenshot

Supreme Power Coin is one of the latest cryptocurrency based make-money opportunities to launch & it makes extremely bold claims to it’s members, such as promises of 5% weekly returns… However if you’ve spent any amount of time looking at this type of thing then you’ll know that the promise of 3% per week is an extremely high ROI, so what’s the deal here – is it actually legit or is Supreme Power Coin a scam? Thankfully you’ve landed in… Continue reading

Bonus Bitcoin Faucet – Scam or Legit Way To Earn Bitcoins? [Review]

Bonus Bitcoin Faucet Website Screenshot

The Bonus Bitcoin faucet claims to provide you with a way to earn free Bitcoins online, you’re led to believe that you can simply just sign up, claim your Bitcoins & have them sent straight through to your CoinPot account… But I think you’ll agree that it sounds pretty crazy when a site says they’ll give you free Bitcoins so what’s the story here? Is it actually legit or Is Bonus Bitcoin a scam?… And where is all this so-called… Continue reading

Cryptologic Trading Robot Review – Scam or Legit System? EXPOSED!

Cryptologic Trading Robot Website Screenshot

The Cryptologic trading robot claims to be a next generation bot that can supposedly see you generating huge profit margins from cryptocurrency trading without having to pay anything upfront & without the need for any experience… According to their website you can get started 100% risk-free & you can even try out a demo account to allegedly see that it works – but what’s the real story here, is it actually a legit trading software or is Cryptologic a scam… Continue reading

Is BTC Clicks a Scam or Legit Bitcoin PTC Website? [Review]

BTC Clicks Website Screenshot

BTC Clicks is a Bitcoin PTC website & they claim they’ll pay you Bitcoins in return for you clicking on advertisements. On top of that they also claim to pay you up to a whopping 80% in referral commissions too.. It all sounds super easy & you might think that this website will be your key to unlocking newfound Bitcoin wealth – but is it actually legit, or is BTC Clicks a scam that’ll just see you wasting your time?… Continue reading

Is BitsTrades a Scam or Ponzi Scheme? Read My Full Review

BitsTrades Website Screenshot

BitsTrades claims to be a “digital banking platform for Bitcoin” & their newly launched cryptocurrency BSS allegedly provides you with several opportunities to make money online with little to no effort on your part being required… However when it comes to crypto-opportunities I’ve seen bold claims like these time & time again but sadly they never seem to hold true. So what’s the deal in this instance, is it actually legit or is BitsTrades a scam set out to part… Continue reading

Bitcoin Bonanza – Scam or Legit System? Honest Review Exposes It!

Bitcoin Bonanza System Website Screenshot

The Bitcoin Bonanza system claims that it’s not too late to ride the Bitcoin wave & that by becoming a member of their system you can begin seeing profits of over $9,600 per day through automated cryptocurrency trades that it makes on your behalf… It even claims that you could start making money right away without any previous trading experience or knowledge of making money online… But don’t you think it all sounds a little too good to be true? So… Continue reading

Is BTCMiner a Scam? Read My Honest Review Before Investing!

BTCMiner Website Screenshot

BTCMiner is a relatively new make-money opportunity in the cryptocurrency space & it claims to be able to generate you whopping daily returns of up to 12% on your money through automated Bitcoin mining… You’re led to believe that all you need to do is invest & let them handle everything, then you’ll start making money almost right away… But is it actually legit or is BTCMiner a scam that’ll just see you parted from your cash? I’ve done the… Continue reading

Is Bit Bubble Tech a Scam? Read My Review Before Investing!

Bit Bubble Tech Website Screenshot

The Bit Bubble Tech system claims that it can generate you automated profits of over $700 daily through online cryptocurrency trading. It even claims that you can make this kind of money without prior experience of investing or trading & that you don’t even actually need to know anything about Bitcoin to get started with it… But I think you’ll agree when I say that this all sounds too good to be true, so what’s the deal here? Is this… Continue reading