Is The Freedom Shortcut a Scam System? My Review Takes a Look At The Truth!

Disclaimer: These comments that you are about to read are my personal opinion and you should rely on your own research when deciding whether to pursue The Freedom Shortcut opportunity. Any facts below are provided for reference only and any errors will be corrected.

The Freedom Shortcut System Website ScreenshotAt the request of their lawyers, my original Freedom Shortcut review has been removed. Instead, since it now seems they have made some changes to the website I have decided to re-look at it once again & so this here is going to be my NEW updated review of The Freedom Shortcut system.

Don’t worry though, I’m aware that a lot of people have been searching to try & find out “is The Freedom Shortcut a scam?“, as well as trying to find out whether or not they can really make money with it so I will still be going over those questions here in this new review – as well as giving you a closer look into how it all actually works.

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What Is The Freedom Shortcut System?

The Freedom Shortcut is a website that provides you with access to a free video which boasts that it’s potentially going to share with you a “freedom shortcut” that’s helping people to earn a full-time income from home, as pictured below:

The Freedom Shortcut Income Claim

Naturally that gets you pretty interested in watching the video to see what the whole thing’s all about, however in my opinion, despite the video being over 10 minutes long it doesn’t really seem to go into great detail on what’s actually involved – or what you’ll be doing to make money with the system.

Instead the video starts out by sharing with you some “real life” shortcuts… For example, at the very beginning the video asks you what you’re wearing as you watch it, and then states that because you bought your clothes instead of making them yourself, you utilized a “shortcut”.

Then it talks about the food you eat prior to watching the video – it asks if you grew it yourself – and then goes on to state that probably not, because most people just buy it which is again another “shortcut”.

But I know what you’re wondering – how does any of this relate to making money?

Well it relates to money because from there the creator goes on to stress that as you watch the video you’re being exposed to an incredible opportunity – an opportunity to gain access to a “shortcut” for making money online.

And then after that the video moves on to immediately present you with a whole bunch of people who go on to talk about how much money they’re allegedly making with the shortcut that the video is talking about…

The first lady states that in her first 2 weeks she made a whopping $2,000…

Then the guy that appears next states that in his first 7 days of using the system he was able to make $7,200…

And it continues with several more, as another lady (pictured below) claims that she also made $2,000 in her very first week:

The Freedom Shortcut System Member Testimonial

However there was something interesting that I noticed here, which was that all the while these testimonials were playing, there was a bold statement displayed at the bottom of the video which read “*INDIVIDUAL RESULTS WILL VARY. SEE OUR AVERAGE EARNINGS AT LDIEARNINGS.COM“.

So what did I do?

Well naturally I decided to head to “LDIEARNINGS.COM” to check out what exactly those average earnings were and I’m not gonna lie I was pretty shocked at what I found…

Despite all of the promising income claims presented in the video found on The Freedom Shortcut website, the earnings disclaimer located at “” stated on the 13/10/2018 that approximately 3.1% of the students receive revenue from promoting LDI’s products & that for the month of September, 2018 the average affiliate received $62.61.

Now I know the next question you’re probably wondering… What the heck is LDI?

Well, it seems that LDI stands for Lifestyle Design International, which appears to be an online marketing training company that, according to several reviews found on Google, is potentially owned by 2 guys named Jeff Lerner & Andrew Cass – maybe even a third, Aaron Rashkin too (as shown below):

Lifestyle Design International Reviews

So how does all that tie in with The Freedom Shortcut system?

Well on the Lifestyle Design International website they have a list of what they call their core products, and as shown below one of their core products appears to be a package named 6 Steps To Freedom:

Lifestyle Design International Core Products

And guess what? That just so happens to be the exact same product that is sold via The Freedom Shortcut system.

You see, after watching the free video on The Freedom Shortcut website a button appears for you to “reserve your position” for $49, and if you click on that button you’re taken to a page where you can purchase the 6 Steps To Freedom course.

So essentially it looks like The Freedom Shortcut website is funnelling people through into the Lifestyle Design International training program.

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And it seems like The Freedom Shortcut isn’t the only website doing this – as I recently came across 2 others named Copy The Millionaire & Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle which also appear to be doing the exact same thing.

Which brings me onto the next part of this review…

How Does The Freedom Shortcut System Work?

Well as far as I can see, it seems that The Freedom Shortcut is merely a stand-alone website which is being used to sell the 6 Steps To Freedom course. It appears that the true program behind all of this is the Lifestyle Design International program, which appears to be rebranding to become something called Entre Institute.

So the process, to the best of my knowledge, looks like this:

  • The Freedom Shortcut presents you with a video outlining a potential money-making opportunity.
  • You press a button to “reserve” your position & you’re taken to the 6 Steps To Freedom checkout page.
  • You purchase the 6 Steps To Freedom course & you become a student of Lifestyle Design International.

That would explain why the video on The Freedom Shortcut website stresses that you checkout the earnings disclaimer hosted at “LDIEARNINGS.COM” – with LDI standing for Lifestyle Design International.

But anyway, more importantly the 6 Steps To Freedom course describes itself as being “a video training program that takes you by the hand and walks you through the THE 3 most profitable Internet Business Models in existence“.

And at the time of writing this review, here’s what ordering the 6 Steps To Freedom course allegedly gets you access to:

6 Steps To Freedom Kit Description

Further digging revealed this more detailed information about the course:

Taught by LDI Founder Jeff Lerner and his host of entrepreneur trainers, this course is sure to get you excited about the opportunities the internet has for you.

So, in my opinion, it seems like the 6 Steps To Freedom course is merely a “taster” course.

From there though, if you decide the course interests you, it appears that Lifestyle Design International have several more courses on offer that you can choose to purchase in order to pursue your training.

Their other courses/products include:

  • Premium Training Marketplace “All Access Pass” – $297
  • Max Value Marketing Training System – $997
  • The Complete E-COM Incubator Training System – $997
  • Local Marketing Accelerator Training System – $1,997
  • The FREEDOM Experience – $2,997
  • EXCEL Mastermind – $24,997
  • TRANSCEND Publishing Partnership – $39,997
  • The COMPLETE ENTREPRENEUR Package – $59,997

It also seems that, as per their earnings disclaimer (shown below) that students can get the ability to become an affiliate of Lifestyle Design International, which gives them the opportunity to promote some, or all of the products listed above onto others in return for commissions.

Lifestyle Design International Affiliates

However, as per a letter issued out by Jeff Lerner on the 14th of June 2018 (who in it names himself the CEO of Lifestyle Design International) the LDI affiliate program is invitation only & not part of their curriculum. He also states in the letter that LDI does not sell products that teach you how to become an affiliate of LDI.

In fact here is the full list of claims regarding LDI that he sent out in the letter:

Lifestyle Design International Claims

So what I personally take from that, is that LDI does not provide you with any way to actually directly make money with them – unless you happen to be invited to their affiliate program, through which you would make money by reselling the LDI products/training programs onto others.

Therefore if you are considering buying into LDI, in my opinion you should take it that you are getting education only – and that you are going to have to setup your own stand-alone internet business in order to make money. That is taken from the point that states “LDI sells education only. There are no business opportunities available to purchase“.

Which brings me onto…

My Verdict – Is The Freedom Shortcut a Scam?

The Freedom Shortcut is definitely not a scam, however in my opinion, upon taking a realistic outlook I personally believe that the claims it makes are very hyped-up, and that whilst they may be true – they are “unusual” or “extraordinary” to say the least.

The truth is that yes, you could indeed learn how to make money by going through the training sold via The Freedom Shortcut website & via Lifestyle Design International – but is it realistic to expect you’ll generate thousands of dollars within just your first weeks of getting started? In my opinion, I’d say no – it’s not.

I mean I don’t doubt that there is good training provided to you through the Lifestyle Design International programs – but in my opinion they are costly, and I’m aware that you can get very good training elsewhere (like at Wealthy Affiliate) for much cheaper.

So for the beginner who’s just starting out and doesn’t have a huge budget, The Freedom Shortcut may not be the right place to start. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the value of LDI’s products doesn’t reflect the cost – I imagine it would – but, I’m simply saying that as a beginner it is in my opinion simply not necessary to pay so much money when getting started.

Ultimately though the LDI products describe themselves as what they are, and the costs are shown upfront, so it is up to you to decide whether or not you believe they are the right fit for you given on your personal circumstances.

But what I will once again stress here in this review is that The Freedom Shortcut is NOT a scam. It may be hyped up, but it sells you a training package & that is exactly what it delivers – therefore it is indeed a legitimate website.

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