The Millionaire Bot Review – Does It Really Work?

Welcome to my review of The Millionaire Bot system. This is something that’s just recently launched & according to the website the users of this system will be able to make $13,425 every single day on complete autopilot. The question is does this system actually work & most importantly can it actually make us any money? Well that’s exactly what I’m going to find out as I take a closer look into this system to find out what it’s all about…

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Before I get started…

I just want to let you know that I’m not an affiliate of this system, meaning what you’ll be getting here is a completely honest ‘outsiders’ review not just some fake hyped up BS put together so that I can earn a commission for getting you to sign up. As always I’ll only ever recommend something if it’s absolutely proven to work.

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I also want to let you know right from the start that yes, this is another supposedly ‘free’ binary options system. The reason I want to get that out there straight away is because these systems have built up a very bad reputation – in fact I’ve reviewed literally hundreds of them in the past few months alone & I’ve yet to see a single one put anybody into profit. Obviously I don’t want to tar all of these systems with the same brush & I will be giving this system a fair chance ‘just in case it works’, but basically I wouldn’t recommend getting your hopes up.

So let’s take a look…

The Millionaire Bot HomepageI’ll be honest, this system doesn’t look a great deal different to any of those other binary systems that have came before it. The video starts out by throwing a whole load of ‘proof’ images at you but these are nothing more than screenshots which as I’m sure you’re probably aware can easily be faked. There are some video testimonials from people too but these look very scripted, and it wouldn’t surprise me if these are actors from the website Fiverr – hiring actors from there to provide testimonials seems to be a common technique used by these systems.

After watching the full video you’re still not really told much about how the system is supposed to actually work & why it can generate profits, instead you’re pretty much forced to enter your name & email address to find out more. I decided to enter mine & I wasn’t impressed by what I found.

After entering your email address you’re taken to another page where you’re told you need to sign up with their recommended broker & make a deposit of at least $250 in order to gain access into their system. Please be warned, this is a major red flag with these so called ‘free’ binary systems.

I decided to do some research, and what I found wasn’t good. If you think you’ll be able to make profits by using this system, think again…

Here’s how it really works.

This system hasn’t been setup by a binary trader at all, instead it’s actually been setup by an internet marketer who’s looking to make a quick buck at other people’s expense.

Basically he has arranged himself a deal with a broker & earns a commission each time he manages to get a new member to sign up and deposit funds (quite a huge commission too). Now this is all fair and well, but most people understand how risky binary trading is which means they’re super reluctant to make a deposit because they know that they’ll most likely lose their money.

This kinda pi**es the internet marketer off because he knows he can make huge commissions if he can get people to sign up, but no matter what he tries he just can’t get people to sign up…

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That’s when he came up with the idea of creating The Millionaire Bot system, because he knows that if he can convince people that they’ll be able to make a profit he’ll be able to get people to signup & most importantly he’ll be able to earn those commissions. Unfortunately though this system is nothing but hype – and you’re only left to find out it doesn’t quite work as promised after you’ve made a deposit, but by that time it’s too late – your money’s gone.

If you think you’ll be able to deposit ‘a little bit’ to try it out & then withdraw your money, think again. The brokers these marketers work with generally offer zero refunds, meaning once your money is in, it’s gone.

So rather than being the being the quickest and easiest way to make money, this system is probably the quickest and easiest way to lose it.

So does it work?

No! This system absolutely does not work and you’ll almost certainly lose any money you deposit into it, so whatever you do… don’t make a deposit! (and if you do, don’t say I didn’t warn you!).

To be honest I wouldn’t recommend binary trading at all. People on the web make it look easy but the truth is it’s very difficult and very few people actually manage to make good money from it. Most of the people that make money from binary are making money by getting people to signup with brokers, just like the marketer behind this “Millionaire Bot” system…

My advice to you would be to avoid binary trading, unless you’re willing to lose an awful lot of money. If you’re serious about building a real income online then you should look into a proper business model such as internet marketing – that’s the way most people make a living from the internet & it’s completely scalable.

People often have the idea that internet marketing is difficult, that may have been the case many years ago but nowadays there are systems that make things much much easier. Take a look at me, I used to work as an electrician & didn’t have a computer about internet marketing, then I got plugged into an IM system & now here I am generating a full time income online. I’m not saying that to show off, I just want to show you that it’s possible if you’re willing to take action & get started.

Regardless, what you do is up to you – but that’s just my 2 cents.

One thing I do hope is that you enjoyed reading this review & that is saved you from parting with your cash. If however you’ve come to this review after making a deposit then please share your experience by leaving a comment below this post – it would be much appreciated as it would not only help me, but it would also help others who are considering doing the same. Thanks!

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