Ultimate Step By Step Guide To Email Marketing

In this guide I’m going to teach you everything you need to know about email marketing from start to finish. I’m literally going to take you by the hand & walk you through everything step by step right from setting up your first campaign to building your subscriber base & maximizing your results.

If you’re trying to build an income online then you NEED to be building an email list.

Here’s 2 reasons why…

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1. The Money Is In The List

You’ve probably heard this saying before, but it couldn’t be more true. With the click of a button you can send an offer directly into each of your subscribers inboxes therefore having an email list basically allows you to create a source of “push button” money/traffic.

In fact an email list is actually said to be worth around $1 per subscriber per month (if not more). Obviously this varies depending on how actively engaged your subscribers are & what you’re offering, but that’s the general rule of thumb. So as an example if you have 1,000 subscribers on your list then from those you should be able to generate $1,000+ of monthly income… Pretty powerful stuff.

2. Business Stability.

Making money online is all about generating traffic – if nobody sees your offer, then nobody is going to buy. If you’re looking to get started with email marketing then the chances are you’re already generating traffic, so you need to ask yourself what would happen if that traffic suddenly stopped? How would your business cope?

You need to be aware that anything can happen online, and overnight your business could stop getting traffic for whatever reason. It happens everyday to businesses all over the world, especially those that rely heavily on traffic from search engines. When it happens most of them crumble to dust & that’s because they weren’t building an email list… They had no backup plan.

But if you build an email list then you create stability for your business. Regardless of what happens to your current sources of traffic if you’ve built up a subscriber base then you’ll still have a backup supply of “push button” traffic that you can send to your website whenever you like.

Step 1 – Choosing The Right Email Marketing Service.

First things first you’re going to need to sign up to an email marketing service. This is where you’ll be building your list, and this is the tool you’ll be using to send mass emails to all of your subscribers (amongst other things).

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There’s plenty available, but I’ve tried a whole load and the two I recommend are either AWeber or GetResponse.

My personal preference is AWeber, but if your budget won’t stretch then in my opinion GetResponse is the next best alternative.

Ideally you want to choose the right company from the start & stick with them because the last thing you want to be doing is shifting subscribers around from one company to another. Not only is it a pain but it can also result in you losing some (or potentially all) of your subscribers.

Here’s a handful of things to look for when choosing an email marketing service:

  • Deliverability Rates – If an email marketing service provider has poor deliverability rates then it’ll mean that any emails you send will most likely end up in your subscribers spam folder. Poor deliverability rates will therefore massively reduce the amount of your emails that are opened so you want to find a email marketing service with the highest possible deliverability rates (that’s why I love AWeber – their deliverability is awesome).
  • Autoresponder Follow Up – An autoresponder is a tool that you can use to automatically send out emails to new subscribers. For example you could set it to send an email out on day 1, day 3 and day 7 after they subscribe. It’s a really powerful tool & I wouldn’t use any email marketing service that doesn’t come with a built in auto-responder. AWeber and GetReponse both do.
  • Ease Of Use – This one is pretty self explanatory, but ideally you want an email marketing service that’s easy to use. For me, AWeber beats GetResponse on ease of use. I found GetResponse a little tricky to navigate & it took a little while to get used to it.
  • Tracking – If you want to maximise the results of your email marketing campaign then you’ll need good quality tracking so that you can find out which types of emails are performing best with your subscribers. AWeber beats GetReponse on this one too.

As I say, I personally wouldn’t divert away from AWeber or GetResponse – those are the main 2 companies within the email marketing industry.

There are no doubt plenty of other email marketing providers claiming to offer “the same” services at a lower cost but generally these will have dramatically lower deliverability rates. This will mean that despite the company being cheaper, overall you’ll probably end up losing money since your emails will be reaching less of your potential customers & bringing you in less sales.

Step 2 – Creating A List.

Once you’ve got yourself setup with an email marketing service you’ll need to actually go ahead & create a new list to store the emails of your subscribers.

Most email marketing companies will allow you to create as many different lists as you like so that you can separate your subscribers if needs be…

For example you might have a website about pets, and on that website you might have a section dedicated to cats & another one dedicated to dogs.

A dog lover might visit your website & decide that it’s interesting enough to make them want to subscribe. However that person might not want to receive any emails about cats, he/she just wants to be sent the latest updates from your dog section.

This is where multiple lists can come in handy because you could create 2 separate lists, one for the dog section & one for the cat section allowing you to target your subscribers more specifically based on their interests.

By doing it this way it would keep your subscribers much more engaged because they’re only receiving information that they’re actually interested in. Subscriber engagement is key to building a successful email marketing campaign.

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But that’s a little more advanced and for now we’re just going to focus on creating the 1 list which is where we’ll be storing all of our subscribers. Later in the guide I’ll go back over creating multiple lists & explain about the benefits in a little bit more detail.

Creating a list with AWeber.

If you took my previous advice & decided to use AWeber for your email marketing then creating a list is really easy.

To start with just head up to the top navigation bar & click “Manage Lists” as shown below:

Manage Lists

& then on the next page click the big green “Create A List” button.

From there it’s just a case of following the on-screen instructions, and once you’ve gone through the process you’ll have created your very own email list which you’ll be ready to begin filling with subscribers.

Step 3 – Creating A Sign Up Form.

Now that you’ve got your list created you’re ready to begin building a subscriber base, however in order to actually get subscribers onto your list you’re going to need to give them a way to enter their email address & subscribe. The easiest way to do this is to create a sign up form.

To do this in AWeber you simply need to click on the “Sign Up Forms” button as shown below:

Sign Up Forms Button

After clicking that link you’ll be taken to another page. From this page click the big green button that says “Create a Sign Up Form”.

The sign up form generator tool should have opened, and it should look something like this:

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Sign Up Form Generator

From here you can customise & create your sign up form.

Using the buttons on the left you can add extra fields & to remove any fields that you don’t want you can just hover over them and click the little “X” icon that appears.

Personally I stick with either requesting just the email alone, or a combination of name & email. I find that if you want to receive additional details such as a phone number it’s best to build up a relationship first via email as opposed to just asking for it straight from the off.

Once you’ve finished creating your form simply click the button to take you to the next step & on this page you’ll be asked to choose a thank you page.

Thank You Page Options

You can either use AWeber’s own thank you page, or alternatively you can direct the user to a link of your choosing once they’ve submitted their details into your form.

Whatever you want to do is up to you, but it’s a good idea to inform your subscribers what they’ll be getting sent, when they’ll be getting sent it & to check their inbox for the confirmation email that they should have received which they’ll need to click to activate their subscription.


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I'm Dale Rodgers, a former electrician that discovered how to make a full time income online. I've put this blog together to share what I've learned so that I can help others do the same. Read more about me here.

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