Wealth Distribution Society Review – Another Scam?

Welcome to my review of the Wealth Distribution Society. This is a brand new system that’s launched claiming it can make you at least $2,000 per day on complete autopilot by “legally stealing cash” from big banks & corporations. So what exactly is it all about, is it really legal & most importantly does it actually work? Let’s find out…

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The first thing I want to tell you is that I’m not an affiliate of the Wealth Distribution Society therefore what you’ll be getting here is a 100% honest review. Most other “reviews” are just hyped up BS put together by affiliates trying to sell the system for a commission, but not here. As always I’ll only ever recommend a system if it’s absolutely 100% proven to work.

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So with that out the way let’s get on with the review.

What’s this system all about?

Wealth Distribution Society WebsiteIn the video on the homepage of the Wealth Distribution Society website it’s mentioned that the system works by “legally stealing cash” from big banks and corporations. The truth is that it’s actually a binary options trading system, but you’re only left to find that out AFTER entering your name & email address.

The reason they’ve tried to hide the fact that it’s a binary system is because these systems have build up a really bad reputation for making false promises & parting people with their money. I’m going to give this system a fair review but after discovering it’s a binary system I wouldn’t recommend getting your hopes up because chances are you’ll probably end up being disappointed.

The website itself isn’t really very helpful at all with regards to giving away information about how the system’s actually supposed to work. Instead it just throws bold income claims at you & so called “testimonials”. In order to find out anymore you’re pretty much forced to enter your name & email, and for the purpose of this review that’s exactly what I did.

Here’s what I found…

After entering my name & email I was immediately taken to another page where I was told that I’d made a “very wise decision”, but unfortunately I didn’t seem to be any further forward with regards to getting inside the system. Instead I was simply shown yet another video which went on to tell me that in order to gain access I’d need to sign up with their recommended broker & make a deposit of at least $250 – major red flag alert.

This is a common trick used by so called “free” binary options systems, so instead of depositing I decided to do some research – and I’m glad I did.

It turns out that this system is nothing but a whole load of hype and that it’s claims of guaranteeing you profits of $2,000 per day are a load of rubbish. Don’t be fooled!

Want to know how it really works? Keep reading…

The Wealth Distribution Society hasn’t actually been created by a guru trader as you’re led to believe. It’s actually been created by an internet marketer who’s simply out to try and make himself a quick buck by parting others with their cash.

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Basically the internet marketer behind this system has become an affiliate of a broker company, which means he gets paid a huge commission for every new person he can get to sign up & deposit funds. The trouble is most people are aware of how risky binary options trading is which means they’re not very likely to deposit because they know that they’ll probably lose their money (if you didn’t already know, binary trading is VERY risky).

This leaves the internet marketer in a bit of a pickle, because he has the ability to earn huge commissions but he just cant seem to get anybody to sign up.

But then he came up with an idea, and that’s when the Wealth Distribution Society was born. You see the marketer realized that if he could just somehow convince people that they’d be able to make money from their trades then he’d be able to get people to deposit and most importantly earn himself a fortune in commissions.

So basically this system is just pure hype that’s been designed to try and convince you that you’ll be able to make money – you’re only left to find out that it doesn’t quite work as promised AFTER you’ve made a deposit, but by this time it’s too late. You won’t be able to get your money back & the creator of the system will have earned himself a big fat commission.

That’s right – no refunds.

You may as well wave goodbye to any money you deposit into this system because the chances of you getting it back are very slim indeed. This means that if you think you’ll be able to just deposit funds to ‘try it out’ and withdraw them if it doesn’t work – think again. The brokers make it really difficult for you to withdraw your funds once you’ve deposited, and those that allow refunds require you to make a certain amount of trades before you become eligible but obviously by the time you’ve finished those trades the chances are you’ll have lost your money anyway.

My verdict.

Flat out AVOID.

This system is no different to any of the other so called “free” binary options trading systems that have came before it. It promises you the world but in reality it will do nothing apart from strip you of your cash. Unless you’re looking for a quick way to LOSE money you should definitely avoid this system.

If you’re contemplating trading binary options as a way to build an income then my advice would be to quit whilst your ahead. Binary options are nothing more than a gamble & whilst people online make it look easy in reality very few people actually make a profit, and even fewer make a sustainable one.

Trading binary options is a good way to lose money but that’s about it. If you’re genuinely serious about building a scalable income online then my advice to you would be to look for an internet marketing system instead – those are where the real money is it. If you think internet marketing is ‘too technical’ think again. I was an electrician back in 2012 and I didn’t have a clue about computers but I got myself plugged into an internet marketing system & since then I’ve been generating a full time income online. If I can do it, anybody can.

Anyway that’s just my 2 cents, you can take my advice or you can leave it, it’s up to you. The most important thing is that hopefully you were able to find this review in time to prevent you from parting with your cash into the Wealth Distribution Society system, and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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I'm Dale Rodgers, a former electrician that discovered how to make a full time income online. I've put this blog together to share what I've learned so that I can help others do the same. Read more about me here.

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