Why You NEED To Be Blogging…

New WordPress PostWhoever you are, whatever you do, however much time you have, it doesn’t matter…

If you’re looking to build an income online then you NEED to be blogging & you need to start NOW.


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Well in order to make money online (the proper way) you need traffic, and the best way to get easy, free & passive traffic is to blog.

You see each blog post you write is like “internet real estate” & the more of this “internet real estate” you have the more presence you have online.

Presence is key to generating traffic because the more “out there” you are the more chance you have of somebody stumbling across your content. The more people that stumble across your content the more traffic you generate & in turn the more money you make.


  • Content = traffic.
  • More content = more traffic.
  • Traffic = money.
  • More traffic = more money.

That’s why blogging is the number 1 income increasing activity online & if you’re not blogging then you’re missing out (big style).

The best thing about blogging is that it actually allows you to generate an income from simply writing about the things you enjoy. It’s easy, it’s fun & it makes you money – what’s there not to like?

Where does the money come from?

Traffic is just a name for people visiting your website, and if you have people visiting your website then you have to opportunity to sell to them. That’s why the more people you have visiting your blog, the more money you’re able to make.

There are 3 main ways bloggers generally make money & that’s by…

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  • Creating & selling their own products (e.g. downloadable e-books, physical merchandise etc).
  • Becoming an affiliate & selling third party products for a commission (e.g. linking to Amazon or ClickBank products for a commission).
  • Selling advertising space (basically getting paid to send a portion of your traffic to someone else).

You’ll probably notice that most bloggers create email lists, and that’s because if you capture somebody’s email then you have the opportunity to sell to them again in the future which increases the amount of money you make per visitor.

To put it into perspective an email list is said to be worth around $1 per month per subscriber, meaning if you have 1,000 subscribers then you should be able to achieve a monthly income of $1,000+ from that list.

Obviously that varies based on certain things such as the product/service you’re offering & the relationship you have with your subscribers, but as a general rule of thumb I think you’ll agree that it’s pretty impressive!

A passive income?

Girl On The BeachThe most wonderful thing about the internet is it’s ability to provide people with passive incomes, AKA money constantly pouring into your bank account whilst your at the gym, out shopping or even lying in bed.

It’s been nicknamed the “dot com lifestyle”, and whilst some people think it’s nothing more than a dream – take it from me it’s very real & actually an awful lot easier to obtain than you might think.

You see each time you publish a blog post you make a 1 time effort. Once that post is published, it’s published – there’s nothing more you need to do. Yet from that one time effort you’re going to generate ongoing traffic, even though you don’t have to put in any additional work.

After hitting ‘publish’ you might get a new visitor today, a new visitor in three weeks & a new visitor 10 years down the line… All from that one time effort.

& if you go back to what we mentioned at the top of this post, passive traffic = passive income.

Every single blog post you add is simply scaling things up, you’re basically just building your way towards that passive income, towards that dream, bit by bit.

The stats say it all…

Let’s underestimate & say that each blog post you write attracts 10 new visitors per month. That means that 10 posts would get you 100 people to your blog every single month, but it also means that 100 posts would get you 1,000 new people to your blog every single month.

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That’s 1,000 new people to your blog regardless of whether or not you do any extra work.

So to put it in terms of the ‘real world’, imagine yourself owning a shop & having 1,000 customers coming through your doors every single month. You’d be making a fortune right?

Well a blog is no different!

That’s why if you’re not already, you need to start blogging today. The sooner you start working towards your passive income the sooner you’ll achieve it.

The truth is that whilst blogging is really easy, most people are simply too lazy to bother. However the opportunity remains there for those who are willing to step up & take it – the key is to keep consistent.

If you keep consistent then you’ll most certainly become successful, it will only be a matter of time.

The only unsuccessful bloggers I’ve met have been the ones that stopped.

Too many people are looking for an automated way to generate an income online which means they end up overlooking what’s right in front of them. I did exactly the same but then eventually discovered the power of blogging for myself – my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner.

Where could you be this time next year?

Future SignpostThe major key to becoming successful with a blog is to set yourself a long term goal that you can work towards, so I want you to picture where you could be in a years time if you blogged every single day, starting today.

You’d end up with 365 posts, which based on our underestimated stats above would be generating you at least 3,650 visitors per month.

3,650 people for you to sell to.

That means even if you sold a $50 product to just 1% of those people, you’d be generating an passive income of around $1,825 per month.

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Amazing stuff right?

$1,825 landing in your bank account every single month for just 30 minutes to an hours work each day over the next year… And don’t forget, that’s based on an underestimation – in reality it would most probably be much, much more.

So if you had an extra $1,825 landing in your bank account every month, what would your life look like?

What would you be doing right now? What car would you own? Where would you be living?

I’m going to take a guess & say that things would look much better for you, so my question now is why aren’t you blogging?

Whatever excuses you might have, put them to one side. Start today & begin building your future, otherwise come this time next year you’ll be sat wishing you started today – believe me, I’ve been there!

I hope you enjoyed my insight & I really hope you take action on my advice. If you have any comments then as always feel free to share them below the post, I love hearing your thoughts!

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I'm Dale Rodgers, a former electrician that discovered how to make a full time income online. I've put this blog together to share what I've learned so that I can help others do the same. Read more about me here.

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