Please, backlinking is soooo last year (no… seriously)

Sooo Last Year

The phrase “backlinking is dead” is one that’s popped up all over the web recently and it’s also a phrase that’s quickly shot down by other SEO’ers. The truth is that the people who come out and say backlinking is dead tend to be the ones building bad backlinks & not seeing any improvements, or worse, seeing negative movements. Whilst backlinks are not dead, backlinking has certainly seen it’s days. The trouble is that now that building a quality backlinking… Continue reading

How To Make Money With ShareCash

ShareCash Homepage Screenshot

Yesterday I wrote a post about how I discovered the CPA network ShareCash & quickly began making over $50 per day. As promised here is my follow up which goes a little more in depth into the methods that I used to begin earning so much money so quickly. For those of you that don’t know ShareCash is a CPA (cost per action) website which pays you around $1 every time somebody downloads any of the files that you’ve uploaded… Continue reading

Is Referrer Spam The New “BlackHat SEO”?


If you follow the blog then you’ll most likely be aware that referrer spam has been the hot topic over here lately, mainly focusing on that originating from Semalt & it’s sister sites such as kambasoft & the like. Don’t get me wrong referrer spam is an absolute nuisance, but you can’t deny it’s damn right effective which is beginning to make me a little worried. If you’re anything like me, a curious webmaster, then when you see a new… Continue reading

How To Block Semalt Referrer Spam

Semalt Logo

I recently wrote a post about blocking referrer spam¬†appearing in Google Anayltics coming from which can be found here. In the post I wrote about a method of blocking the bots landing on your website by using the removal tool provided on the Semalt website, however after further research it’s possible that they may be using this tool to gather a list of active webmasters to whom they will send further spam. I’d therefore strongly recommend against using this… Continue reading

What is Is It Round 2 of Semalt?


I recently wrote a post about the referrer spam coming from which can be found here. Whilst writing the article and looking through my Google Analytics data I also noticed another website that was appearing a lot in the referrals list which was ““, though there were a lot of varying subdomains for this one which generally contained numbers like “” for instance. Some of these kambasoft domains redirected to blank white pages whilst some redirected to websites. I… Continue reading

How To Block Referrer In Google Analytics


Have you noticed the domain appearing within the list of referrals in your Google Analytics? Don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone – in fact thousands of webmasters over the past few months have been noticing the same thing and for the majority it’s nothing but a nuisance. You can read the article below about Semalt, or you can jump straight to the bit of code that every webmaster affected by Semalt should be adding to their .htaccess file. What… Continue reading

How to reduce your websites bounce rate in 5 minutes or less

Bounce Rate

Firstly, let me explain what a “bounce” is in terms of a website. Many people think it’s when somebody lands on your website but then leaves without visiting any other pages, but this isn’t true. A bounce is when person visits your website but leaves before a specific time frame deemed relevant by the search engine. This means that even if they visit your homepage, and only your homepage, providing they spent enough time on it then they will be… Continue reading